Why Do I Have A Headache?10 Surprising Reasons

Why do I have a headache? There is a huge number of people around the world suffering from headaches. Headaches interfere with everyday activities and complicate tour lives. Intense headaches are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. By knowing the root cause, you can decrease the risk of a headache. Here are some unusual triggers of migraine to avoid.

1. Birth control pills might cause headache?

Changes in estrogen levels are associated with stress, inflammation, and blood sugar. All these are linked to headaches. Taking birth control pills or menopause may cause rapid decrease in estrogen. 

In order to relieve headaches symptoms consider switching to non-hormonal birth control options. Ask your gynecologist to recommend a birth control that doesn’t cause headaches.

2. Some scents might cause headache?

Some perfumes may cause a headache. Certain chemical molecules in perfumes make the trigeminal nerve endings sent pain signals in the brain. If your headache appears after using perfumes try to avoid them. You may replace perfumes with fruit essential oils. They have a pleasant smell and sometimes can even relieve headache symptoms.

3. Period Headache

Several women experience excruciating headaches during, before, or after their menstruation. The reason is the hormones continue to fluctuate immensely every time your period approaches. The menstrual cycle is the cause of every change you experience. And, some women encounter headaches during this phase. The headaches can be of different kinds. It can be caused due to your anxious, depressed, and stressed mind – the tension headache. This feels as if a tight band is crushing your forehead. You can also experience headaches due to loss of blood and a drop in your iron level. 

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4. Tyramine might cause headache?

About 25% of all migraine headaches are caused by tyramine. This is a substance found in the protein. Tyramine causes nerve cells of your brain to release the norepinephrine. High levels of tyramine in your system and an unusual level of brain chemicals associated with changes in the brain. This leads to headaches.

5. Bad weather might cause headache?

Bad weather may be to blame for your horrible headache. Even slight changes in temperature may become a trigger of migraines. For every 40-degree crawl upward, the risk of a headache intense enough to cause a trip to the hospital also rises more than 7%. About 28% of people are more likely to face a migraine on days when lightning struck near their homes.

6. Skipped breakfast might cause headache?

Missing meals, especially breakfast, is one of the most common causes of headaches. Skipped meals mean a decrease in blood sugar called hypoglycemia. It can result in both headaches and migraines. You may also feel nausea caused by hypoglycemia.

You need to have three meals a day and a few healthy snacks. This will help you prevent occasional headaches. 


7. Bad posture might cause headache?

Poor posture increases the tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. This may cause a headache. Pain often has a base in the skull or radiates in the face. Avoid sitting in one position for a long time. Try to support your lower back while sitting. If the headache still persists, manual therapy can help you relieve symptoms. The therapist may identify and correct any posture problems.

8. Bruxism might cause headache?

Night teeth grinding causes jaw muscle contractions. This causes a dull headache in the morning. Bruxism is also associated with many dental problems. Ask your dentist about options that can help you prevent night tooth grinding. So you can preserve oral health and prevent morning headaches.

9. Headache after eating?

There are foods that can increase the risks of headaches. Turkey, cheese or a small piece of dark chocolate might be tasty but may also cause your head to hurt. These foods contain chemicals that can bring on a migraine. 

Eliminate the consumption of the products that trigger a headache. In a few months, you will be able to notice that you get fewer headaches. 

10. Stress and Anxiety headache

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Stress is associated with many different conditions including headaches. It is a common trigger of tension-type headaches and migraine. Under stress, your levels of certain molecules and hormones may increase or decrease. These changes could cause headaches in some people.

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