How To Don Your Printed And Patterned Leggings In Style

Workout or no workout, printed leggings are gaining in popularity among fashion-conscious women these days. Although plain-colored leggings are still very much in and considered a classic, the trendy prints and patterns are offering a relaxed and casual essence to the otherwise serious notes of solids. 

However, you should know how to wear these printed leggings in the right manner to prevent being ridiculed by the fashion police. From choosing the best-fitted topwear to combining the shades, you should leave no stone unturned to look attractive and fashionable. At the end of it all, who doesn’t want to use #fashionista on their social media photos? Guess no one! 

Let’s now give you some suggestions to emerge as a fashionable fitness enthusiast in your Instagram images by donning the printed leggings in the right way. 


Keep it solid and simple

Pick a simple outfit of solid color to go with your printed or patterned leggings. They offer high contrast and a simplistic appeal to your overall look. White or black are the conventional solids that go well with patterned bottom wear but you can also use other colors, depending on the patterns or prints. If not as yoga wear, you can also don these leggings and solids with high-knee boots for a casual day out. 

Floral leggings with black tanks

Black tank tops look amazing with any shades of floral leggings and offer high flexibility while practicing yoga or working out in the gym. You can look for similar-styled top and bottom wear at sites like that have attractive collections of casual and workout clothing. While going out, you can put on a loose-fitting shirt and sneakers over the tank top. 

Pick the dominant hue in the leggings

A pair of printed leggings display many shades combined in a careful pattern. You should pick the shade that’s more dominant than the rest and choose a topwear of that shade to match your leggings the best. This is another way to ensure that your clothing doesn’t look out of place or weird to the onlookers. You can also don a black leather jacket if the dominant shade on your printed leggings is a dark one. 

Royal blue T with a black cardigan

For casual traveling or weekend dates, you can pair the printed leggings with a bright royal blue T and a black cardigan along with ankle boots to exude a stylish essence. The boots should be black too for perfect matching and don’t forget your shades while going out. 

White tops with black checks

These look great with leggings having geometric patterns all over. You can opt for a white top with black checks, or a black one with white checks, depending on your choice and personal style preferences. Further, a pair of light-colored leggings will look good with a dark-colored top and vice-versa, so choose accordingly. 

Wrapping it up

Yoga, traveling, or casual meets, printed leggings can help you create a trendy style. Pick the right outfits to pair them with your leggings and the right accessories to look like an ardent fashionista. Let the heads that you turn to decide how wonderful you look in your chic and classy appearance. 

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