What To Wear To Yoga? Tips to choose the perfect outfit !

Whether you are going to attend your first yoga class in your life or you are an old yoga bird, selection of the right yoga outfit can be challenging. Yoga is meant to release tension and stress via meditating and relaxing. Deciding the right yoga outfit for you can always be stressful. In any sport, wearing the perfect clothes can bring a huge difference. Also in yoga, it is essential to wear the right outfit that can help you in bending, stretching, and other yoga activities. Luckily, there are numerous yoga outfits available in the market. You can choose the best one to keep your body relaxed and comfortable during the yoga class. 

Types of Yoga Classes

If you are just a beginner in yoga, you must do some research prior to taking yoga classes. You must have it in your knowledge that there are different types of yoga classes. It is good to know the difference to choose the right class for you as a beginner. Knowing the requirements of the yoga class will help you to deal with your expectations and also give you an idea of what to wear in your yoga class. Hot yoga classes are taught in a warm or heated room which means you will sweat a lot. For this, you will need a light and quick-drying yoga outfit.

In the same way classes like Hatha or Vinyasa have different requirements including stretching, bending, breathing fast, inversions and leg lifting. So your outfit must be according to the requirements. In a nutshell, choose the best one for you that can help you take advantage of yoga. Here, we are going to discuss different types of yoga clothing and their benefits:

Different types of yoga clothing

Sport bra

If you are going to join a challenging yoga class like power yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, a sports bra is suitable for you. Sports bras not only helps to maintain the shape of the breast but also minimize breast movement so that you can perform different yoga poses freely. We also recommend sports bras to Hot yoga/Bikram Yoga learners because it can help to regulate sweat and temperature control.

The selection of your sports bra will be based on your bra size. In yoga classes, you will have to bend and stretch a lot so it is useless to think that your old loose bras will be ok for this. It is desirable to choose the best-fitted sports bra for yoga. It will not only give you comfort but also keep your breasts in shape. Your bras must have the ability to soak up extra moisture that is a part of yoga. 

Crop top

If you do not feel uncomfortable wearing a sports bra to attend a yoga class, especially the class is a co-ed yoga class, the yoga crop top will be a good choice for you.

The yoga crop top is suitable for most of the yoga classes like Hatha Yoga class, hot yoga class. These crop tops are also in trend and they also provide comfort and shape to your body. There are different types and styles of crop top available in the market. Just choose the best fit for you.


It is also very common to see people wearing a sports bra with a tank top outside. The tank top is also suitable for most of yoga class as it can help to absorb sweat quickly and effectively.  Yoga tank tops are best for yoga classes and you can also wear them any time during the day. It is very important to buy a comfortable, high quality and good branded tank top to save extra money. They must be made with the ability to wick the sweat and they must be breathable.

Short/Long sleeve yoga shirt

Short/Long sleeve yoga shirt is suitable for a gentle yoga class like Yin yoga, Iyengar Yoga. It can keep your muscles warm that will help to increase your flexibility. At the same time, remember to choose the quick-drying material to keep you cool and dry during the lesson.

Common question: What about wearing Baggy shirt to yoga class?

Some of the people they will also choose Baggy shirts for yoga. They are good especially for pregnant women but other yoga followers can also wear them. However, baggy shirts sometimes may be disturbing because it will end up in your face when you are doing some pose.


Now come to the bottom. What to wear to yoga? This is the question that is circling in the mind of everyone doing or going to do yoga. Yoga is meant to gain comfort and peace of mind. So, your clothes must be relaxing to do yoga. Here are some bottom ideas:

Yoga shorts

If you are going to do Hot/Bikram yoga or you are the type of sweating a lot in the class, Yoga shorts might be a good option for you. Some of the people will avoid wearing long pants as it should be snug. For females, please be aware that some of the yoga shorts or bottoms are made out of a fabric named spandex. These are comfortable and flexible but if they are of low-quality material then they can be uncomfortable and can be teasing during yoga. Choose the best yoga short for you that must be of good quality material.

Recommended Yoga Shorts

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are the most popular and common outfit in the yoga class. Basically, It is suitable for all types of yoga class. A good yoga pants not only make you feel comfortable but also help your body awareness so you hold your positions better due to the moderate compression.  If you are not in favor of yoga shorts then yoga pants are for you.

Common questions: Leggings vs yoga pants, which one is better?

Basically, Yoga pants are designed for physical exercise and the purpose of leggings are for daily life. You can find the differences between yoga pants and leggings are not only the shape and colour but also the materials. Most of the yoga pants are made of flexible, technical fabrics so that you can bend and move freely. At the same time, not all the leggings are flexible enough that might affect your performance.

One more important point is most of the yoga pants are lightweight and sweat-wicking. The quick drying materials help you wicks away sweat to keep you cool during lesson. Therefore, if you are going to join a challenging yoga class like Hot yoga, power yoga, etc., a good fitted and good quality yoga pants is highly recommended.

Special- New Trend: BodySuits

Recently wearing bodysuits is also a new trend in yoga class. The advantages of wearing bodysuits are convenient and comfortable. You don’t need to think about how to mix and match you yoga outfit every time. Some people think that bodysuits are expensive but there are several brands that are selling classic bodysuits at a very reasonable price. 

Yoga Accessories

types of yoga

Here we are not talking about earrings, necklace or other accessories. We are talking about yoga that needs to be as simple as possible. In this regard, accessories mean just like gloves, socks or headbands. 

Ultra Grip Headband

Headbands are a must for yoga girls. Tie your hair properly during yoga and headbands are perfect for your hair.

Yoga socks

You may have seen many doing yoga with bare feet but you can also wear yoga socks. Choose yoga socks with plastic spots will help to perform a better pose and keep you safe from slipping over the mat.

Yoga gloves

Just like yoga socks, yoga gloves must have grip dots. Yoga gloves are best for sweaty palms. These gloves are best to use during holding floor yoga poses. The market is filled with different styles of yoga gloves, just choose the best one for you. 

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