What Is Hot Yoga? Everything You Should Learn Before

Hot yoga is an amazing form of exercise that offers unimaginable and numerous benefits to the one doing it. This form of yoga was developed by the accumulation of different traditional asanas.

The fixed health regimen comprises breathing exercises along with a wide variety of yoga poses that are purported to bestow fitness and health from the yogi’s head to toe. The breathing exercises and asanas are performed under specific conditions where the room is actually heated somewhere between 80° – 100°. An amazingly different experience awaits beginners because not only is the room actually hot but the humidity level is also maintained pretty high.

What Is The Difference Between Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga?

One has to understand there is a massive difference between Bikram yoga and hot yoga. Yes, both have a similar heated room set up to ensure you sweat, however, there are key differences that can’t be overlooked. Bikram Choudhury from India who earned his reputation for inventing a particular kind of yoga that has to be performed in a room that is exactly 105°. On the other hand, hot yoga can be performed pretty much at any temperature that seems fit to the instructor. The poses in Bikram yoga are fixed and don’t change.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences in detail:


In a span of 90 minutes, two breathing exercises and 26 asanas are performed in Bikram yoga, whereas hot yoga comprises several different poses which can vary by the studio as well as class.


With a prevailing 40% humidity and 105° temperature, Bikram yoga is performed. In hot yoga the temperature can fluctuate from 80° – 100° and so does the humidity level.


Mirrors and bright lighting carpet the front walls in the studios where Bikram yoga is practiced, however, one can practice hot yoga in candlelight or dim light. It can be done on any kind of surface.


Interaction is allowed in hot yoga and it is strictly prohibited in the other one. 

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Hot Yoga: The Benefits Of It

The resemblance that yoga has to other concepts of your exercise (especially the one prevailing in the West) is very less. Yoga is unique for its outstanding benefits. There is no weight lifting, jumping jacks, push-ups, or running in yoga. Yoga is completely different and hot yoga goes even beyond that. So, what are the benefits?

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Less prone to injuries:

The likelihood of injuries is reduced when asanas are performed in a room set at high temperature.

Less toxins:

Hot yoga helps to cleanse the toxins from your body by flushing it out with profuse sweating.

Increases lung capacity:

Yoga primarily focuses on different breathing exercises. The lung capacity is improved by hot yoga through a wide range of breathing pranayamas.

Stronger immune system:

The body’s regenerative capacity is elevated, and the immune system is also improved when yoga is performed in a hot, humid environment. It is a highly beneficial form of cardiovascular exercise that improves circulation.

Faster weight loss:

In comparison to regular yoga, hot yoga supports weight loss more.

Apart from all of this, one will see clear signs of highly flexible muscles. The ability to stretch better and bend further will be enough to prove it.

Is Hot Yoga Suitable For You?

If you have ever enjoyed the benefits of yoga, then there is absolutely no reason to overlook hot yoga as an effective option. One should understand that for beginners, the style of yoga is basically a matter of philosophy, goals, physical condition, and personal choice.

However, the benefits of yoga are real regardless of the style. Every style of yoga demands varying degrees of mental and physical abilities. Some forms of yoga places emphasis on achieving spirituality, while some solemnly focus on the yoga pose itself, and the rest concentrate on the breathing exercises. There are also a few which focus on all three.

Hot yoga ends up adding a unique element to this. When you practice yoga in a heated room, it is not just your increased body temperature that will make you sweat excessively – a whole new experience can be achieved. Your body shows you how circulation and muscles react under an environment that isn’t ideal or something that you would choose in the first place for working out. Hot yoga with its numerous benefits is truly addictive for all the impressive reasons.

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Is Hot Yoga Painful?

Hot yoga as you know involves a series of asanas along with pranayamas (breathing exercises) which is performed in a humid and extremely hot studio or environment. Does that sound challenging enough? Though, the environment in which asanas are carried out have nothing to do with it, some of the asanas pose injury like the shoulder stands, headstands, or lotus stands.

Does that mean you should give up practicing hot yoga? Absolutely, not. Researchers suggest avoiding positions that are tricky to master as a beginner. And, when you feel confident enough to perform shoulder stands and headstands, your instructor should be around to guide you through.

Yoga is all about your mental and physical well-being, which means if you can’t master a pose right away it shouldn’t really matter.

Is There Any Particular Way You Should Prepare For Hot Yoga?

If you are thinking about starting hot yoga, keep in mind a few things and you will be sorted. Rather than feeling uncomfortable and confused during the class, it is better to start preparing.

Hydration is the key:

You must drink plenty of water throughout the day all the way leading to the beginning of your class. In case your class starts early in the morning, try to start hydrating yourself the night prior to that.

Watch what you’re eating:

It is better not to eat anything for at least two hours before the class starts. You should also eat healthily and light the day you have class.

Be prepared:

Keep in mind, you will be drenched in sweat once the class ends – so come prepared. There are a few things that you will need:

Must-Have items:

1. Best yoga mat for hot yoga: Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The polyurethane top layer away and absorbs for a Strong Grip and Slip-Free surface. Technology designed to keep you with Absolute Safety and always in place no matter what type of yoga you practice. It’s also perfect for all forms of yoga, especially Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and various types of Hot Yoga.

2. Yoga mat towel

The BEST yoga towel for those sweaty sessions of Bikram / hot yoga where you need to absorb your sweat to stay in the pose and balanced.

3. Best yoga outfit: Hot yoga pant

This yoga pant is non-see-through, moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy fabric provides complete coverage.

4. Best yoga outfits: Quick Try Yoga tank top

This Women’s Training Tank is ideal for your hot yoga workout. Lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric helps keep you dry, while a hip-hugging cut and slightly exaggerated arm hole creates a modern silhouette you can move in.

5. Best Water Bottle for workout

The water bottle comes double-walled and vacuum-sealed to make sure you experience zero condensation and the temperatures of your beverages last in an insulated chamber. Cold liquids stay cold for 24 hours, and hot liquids will stay piping hot for up to 8 hours making it the perfect sports or commuting bottle. Our manufacturing process has been innovated to ensure your bottle NEVER sweats or leaks.

6. Quick try towel

This set of towel is an OlimpiaFit 100% microfiber towels are antimicrobial – They can absorb 3-4 times their weight and dry 10 times faster than regular cotton or terrycloth towels – You don’t need to wash them so often – No more wet towels in your bag– Just five minutes in the sun and you are good to go.

The hot yoga experience is beyond words can describe. You are bound to fall for it within a few classes.

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