Are Wedding Rentals More Cost Effective Than Buying?

Planning a wedding is quite likely to be one of the most expensive things you ever do in life, potentially even taking up more of your cash than a down payment on a house or welcoming a new baby into the family.

As the economy continues to undergo its unexpected twists and turns, it’s no wonder couples everywhere are looking to reduce the cost of the big day however they can.

In recent years, this has led to those couples making the decision to rent candle holders and other wedding accessories over buying them outright.

There are certainly pros and cons for each route, but which is the most cost effective? After you’ve considered all the details, rental turns out to be the less expensive way to handle your wedding décor, and here’s why:

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Reasons for Wedding Rental

Lower Up-Front Cost

Because you’re not paying for an item to keep forever, the initial cost of wedding rentals is often far less than what you’d pay if you were buying everything outright.

This is the biggest overall benefit of choosing to rent your odds and ends rather than purchasing them. Prices will, of course, vary by rental company and your location, but generally you’ll always see a significant difference between the price or renting and the price of buying an identical piece.

Temporary Use

From the crystal glasses at the reception table to the drapery at the ceremony, your wedding is full of beautiful pieces that, regardless of how well they fit into your décor plans, won’t be used after the big day.

When you choose to buy these accessories outright, you not only spend more money than renting, but you are then also stuck with these one-use pieces afterward.

Often this leads to expensive storage solutions if you don’t have room for a full array of wedding décor in your home, which costs you even more money over time.

When you rent, this never even becomes a concern because your rentals are simply taken back by the company as soon as you’re done with them, thus eliminating one more cost in the long run.

Long Term Cost Saving

Aside from saving you big on unnecessary long-term storage fees, paying for a water goblet rental or renting other parts of your wedding décor come with serious cash-saving advantages that make this route ideal for the couple on a tight budget. Some of these include:

  • No laundering costs for rented linens
  • No costs for hiring moving professionals for personal décor
  • No worries about paying a huge sum more for high-end items you want

Simply put, when you choose to rent your wedding décor, you’re investing in a faster, easier experience for days to come, not just the day of the ceremony.

You’ll have access to high-end items you might not be able to afford outright, and you’ll never have to worry about cleanup before moving on to the honeymoon.

In this way, rental is as time-saving and stress-saving as it is money-saving.

Money for More Important Things

Your wedding is important, but when you can save big and still have the big day you want, why not take the opportunity.

Saving on your wedding costs means you have more money for spending time together during the honeymoon, starting a home together and much more.

Learn more about how rental is simply more cost-effective than buying wedding accessories and rework your budget for the better today.

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