Ways To Take Care Of Mesothelioma Patients At Home

Mesothelioma is cancer that occurs in thin lining covering organs inside the body. More specifically, the lungs, abdomen, heart, and sometimes, even the testicles. People suffering from mesothelioma are generally aware that they do not have a long life ahead. Thus, they want to stay in the proximity of their loved ones and take measures to ensure their remaining life is as comfortable as possible. 

When people fall sick, especially with an incurable disease, they prefer receiving care at home. Even expensive hospitals and the best care from nurses sometimes fail to offer them peace. However, when one of our family members falls sick and requires our support, we realize it is a challenging task. Saying that we’ll be there and doing so are different things. Unlike most common chronic illnesses, mesothelioma has a drastic impact onthe lungs. It would help to be extra vigilant while caring for mesothelioma patients at home. That said, listed below are a few tips for taking care of mesothelioma patients at home.

How to Take Care Mesothelioma Patients Yourself at Home

1. Seek legal compensation

You can sue employers and companies who knowingly put other people in situations that lead to severe health issues. Since the primary cause behind mesothelioma is asbestos exposure, which people generally suffer at their workplace, chances are the same happened with your family member. Suppose your loved one develops mesothelioma because of their employer’s negligence. In that case, you can contact a mesothelioma attorney who can help you earn compensation for them. 

Monetary compensation will help you cover medical expensesassociated with home-based care for cancer patients. A mesothelioma claim can take a long time to settle. But you can speed up the process by hiring a competent lawyer. 

2. Keep a portable oxygen tank

Pleural mesothelioma patients may experience difficulty in breathing. They may require supplemental oxygen to continue breathing. Hence, you must have a portable oxygen tank to help your loved one who may occasionally suffer from oxygen deficiency. A lack of fresh oxygen can lead to severe health issues. 

Oxygen tanks are an easy way of boosting oxygen levels if the need arises. Some oxygen tanks are attached to wheels, making them easy to move around the home. It would help if you kept a portable oxygen tank at home to help your sick family member in times of need. Ensure it is always ready to use and always keep a backup supply.

3. Give them a healthy diet

Terminally ill patients are dependent on others for their daily food intake. Besides, a nutritious diet is essential to keep healthy. You must ensure your sick family member receives healthy food on time. Cancer patients need a proper intake of calories to sustain energy, especially after procedures such as chemotherapy. 

Consult doctors and ensure you give your loved one healthy food. Remember to consider their preferences so that they may enjoy their food. Be creative and experiment with foods. Boost their protein intake by incorporating cheese. Switch to organic fruits and vegetables to ensure the food is tasty and healthy.

4. Maintain a routine

Cancer patients need to follow a routine and need to stick to it. Since sick people may be unable to do their chores by themselves, they may require your assistance. Try to facilitate them in the best way possible. Maintain an exercise routine with them. Instead of making it difficult by exercising every day, do it twice or thrice a week. Maintaining a routine helps to boost immunity and enhances the mood. Moreover, it counteracts fatigue and improves stamina. However, there might be some days when patients are low on energy, and exercising would be detrimental to their health. So be careful.

5. Monitor their vitals

Mesotheliomas patients’ condition often fluctuates. Keeping a portable blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse monitor at home would be helpful. Keep a tab on patients’ vitals and stay in touch with doctors. Monitoring your loved one’s health will alert you about deteriorating conditions. You can intervene timely to stabilize their health. 

6. Go for regular checkups

Cancer patients need to visit their oncologists regularly. Mesothelioma patients are vulnerable, and missing even a single checkup can be detrimental to their health. Therefore, it is better to see doctors with them.

Alter your routine to accompany them to their visits to the doctor. It would keep you updated about their condition and enable you to take better care at home. 

7. Reduce stress

Stress leaves intangible scars. Aside from psychological health, it can have many side effects on physical well-being. Try to keep the environment at home lively and upbeat. Do not stresspatients and try to keep unpleasant news away from them. Reduce their anxiety by keeping them happy and healthy in any way. Mesothelioma patients already deal with destructive illness, and their loved ones can help them by keeping them stress-free. 


Mesothelioma takes years to manifest itself as a terminal illness. Many doctors fail to diagnose it as its symptoms are similar to other common ailments. Mesothelioma patients have a life expectancy of 3 to 4 years. Many patients want to spend their last days in their loved ones’ company and do not like to stay at the hospital. Therefore, you must be vigilant, reschedule their routines and be ready to help whenever the need arises to take good care of them at home.  

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