Ways To Overcome Adversity

Every person will face adversity in life in some form or another. This is a given. What makes a major difference is whether you choose to overcome that adversity or sink beneath it. Overcoming adversity can actually make you a stronger, more balanced person who can better handle difficulties and sufferings and still strive to meet your goals and become the person you were meant to be. Read on for some ways to overcome adversity in your own life.

Stay Positive

Staying positive in the most difficult of times is not easy, but it is necessary. Your attitude can make all the difference whether you overcome adversity or allow it to overcome you. Be realistic about your situation, but actively look for the good in your life, remember the good in the past and anticipate the good to come.

Get Help

Whatever you may be facing, don’t face it alone. Gather a group of friends and family members to support you in your struggles. Read inspirational materials about others who have conquered adversity and found success, like Dr. Jason Campbell, for instance. If you must, seek professional help to guide you through this rough patch.

Discipline Yourself

Living under stress and adversity and striving to move past it requires self-discipline. Some days you may have to make yourself get out of bed, put a smile on your face and get on with your day. You will also have to control your thoughts and attitudes, your words and actions so that you don’t make a bad situation worse.

Self Love

Do What You Love

When you are struggling with hardships, take some time to do what you love. Reading a good book, watching a favorite movie, working on a craft project, playing a sport or chatting with friends can ease stress and anxiety and help you feel refreshed and better able to cope. Set aside a few minutes every day and a longer period a couple of times a week to treat yourself. You will likely find your mood lifted and your perspective brightened.

Find Laughter

Even though you might feel like crying, try to find a way to laugh a little each day. Enjoy a hilarious sitcom, or watch funny animal videos online. Play with your pet, or even remember humorous incidents from the past. Laughter triggers stress-fighting chemicals in your brain, and it also just makes you feel good. So laugh.

Take Care of Your Health

Don’t neglect your health during the hard times. It is more important than ever to keep your body working as well as possible. Eat a healthy diet (even if you occasionally indulge in the comfort of a favorite food). Exercise regularly. Try to get enough sleep even if you have to nap for a while in the afternoon.

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Discover Meaning

Finally, when you are in the midst of adversity, your situation can seem random and meaningless, but you should try to discover meaning in what you’re experiencing. Think about what it is teaching you and how it might make you a better person who is more capable of coping with life. Ask others for their perspectives as needed.

Adversity strikes everyone at some point, but you can overcome it if you refuse to let it overcome you.

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