6 Ways to Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

According to experts at the National Sleep Foundation, school-going children need at least nine hours of sleep. Children who get enough sleep have good mental and physical health and have improved attention spans. These children also have fewer behavioral problems and have an easy time learning new things.

However, it is your responsibility to set a consistent bedtime schedule and create a conducive environment for your child to get the much-needed hours of sleep. Well, here are some of the effective ways to help your child get a good night’s sleep. 

How to let your kid sleep better

baby girl get a better sleep

Ensure all screens are dark before bedtime 

High levels of the hormone melatonin result in feelings of drowsiness. Blue light from phone screens and televisions inhibits melatonin production in the body, causing kids to stay up longer than usual. To nip this problem in the bud, ensure the children’s bedrooms are screen-free or switch off all electronic devices two hours before bedtime.

Dress your child in breathable cotton pajamas

Your child’s sleep schedule is heavily dependent on temperature. When it is too hot or too cold, your child will have difficulty falling asleep. Ensure you keep the temperature in their bedroom at around 65?F and dress them up in breathable cotton pajamas that will prevent them from getting too hot at night. 

Create a calm environment free from distractions 

When the body is stressed, it triggers the production of the hormone cortisol. High cortisol levelsin the body make it harder for you or your child to go to sleep. Reducing any stressors a few hours before bedtime will help your children fall asleep faster. It would also be best to create a soothing environment by darkening the room and reducing noise. 

Invest in comfortable beddings and pillows 

If your child’s bed is uncomfortable, they might not fall asleep easily. Even if they manage to sleep through the night, they will most likely wake up feeling tired and unable to tackle the day ahead. It is best to buy a comfortable mattress and a baby cloud pillow for maximum comfort while they sleep. The key is to give your child a comfortable sleeping environment. 

Personalize their bedtimes

Every child has unique sleep needs and patterns. Night owls are less likely to fall asleep early,while early risers will still wake up early no matter how late they sleep. It would be best to assess each child’s sleep patterns and set a reasonable bedtime that allows them to get the full eight hours of sleep per day. You should also set a consistent wake-up time, so your children strive to sleep earlier to wake up feeling rested. 

Reassure your children before bed 

Children will have trouble falling asleep if they believe ghosts or the boogeyman comes to visit at night. Instead of dismissing their fears, it would help to address them during the day. If they are still scared after you reassure them, place a special toy on their nightstand to protect them from evil. 

Final remarks

Inadequate sleep in children tends to affect their concentration, result in erratic behavior, and cause poor memory. If your child doesn’t get enough sleep at night, they will most likely fall asleep in class and miss out on important information. It also does affect their overall health and wellbeing.

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