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24 Simple Ways to be Happy

Being happy is a virtue in today’s time. Of course there is no such hard time where you are in constant pain and sorrow. The ups and downs have been always there where you see both happy and sad times.

In hard times, you should have good patience level. There are many ways which you can opt for being happy in difficult times or when you are simply bored. 

Different ways for being happy

How to be happy - exercise - A-Lifestyle
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If you think that exercising is just about building your muscles, you’re wrong. It has been proven that the habit of exercise and workout at home promotes long-term happiness. In addition, physical activity has multiple benefits for your health in general and for your mental health. If you do not have the habit of exercising, start with little workouts and be consistent.

20 minutes of exercise every day is equivalent to a dose of any good medicines or antidepressant. During physical activity the brain secretes a type of endorphins that provide a sense of calm and pleasure. Exercise does not have to be intense or in a gym. All it takes is to hike for 20 to 30 minutes, or to search on YouTube for a cardio routine for beginners.

It is valid to combine the 2 strategies: nature + exercise walk in the park for a few minutes! If you do exercise regularly, try a new sport, a yoga class, Zumba class or some martial arts. You will see that your attitude improves. 

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How to be happy - Learning - A-Lifestyle

Learning new stuff

Stimulating the brain with new experiences is a way to improve your attention and generate new learning. You will be able to have more resolution and more empathy. 

To learn something new, the outcome should be expected in a positive manner to solve problems or make decisions. It will improve your happiness in a great way. 

Go out and discover what is out there beyond the daily routines (the comfort zone), it will transform your life for sure. Try to manage your time out from your busy schedule and learn some new stuff. It helps you create the lifestyle you want by adopting these new sensations to your daily routines. 

Undoubtedly, doing new things periodically is one of the most fruitful decisions you can make to change your life.

The meaningless routines do not bring us any kind of physical or mental benefit. They reduce our abilities and limit your level of happiness. You should practice the habit of learning new things like reading, extracurricular activities, arts, etc.

How to be happy - Outdoor activities - A-Lifestyle
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Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are fully adapted to all types of person’s profile: individuals, families and groups, explorers, school children, lovers of nature and adventure.

There are activities that allow you to enjoy the nature, no matter where –hiking, cycling, camping, sunbathing at the beach, climbing, fishing at the lake, etc. 

Do you remember when we played hide-and-seek, the blind hen or the prisoner ball? When someone mention any of these children’s games, we cannot help remembering those years where the only thing that mattered was winning the school football league, getting the whole collection in the nostalgia and having the best spin. 

All those games that we grew up with could be the perfect pastime to play with children. There are many activities that are ideal to practice outdoors. You can be fully convinced that the little ones in the house will love it.

How to be happy - Travel - A-Lifestyle
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According to science, travel is the secret to happiness. There are many best places to travel alone and in solitude providing you ultimate happiness. Countries like Europe, India, Japan etc are great for exploration various aspects.
A Maryland party bus road trip may also be a good choice if you are looking for a little adventure.  

A study, carried out by, puts that in terms of happiness, travel is better than getting married or having offspring. This survey was conducted to a total of 17,000 inhabitants of different countries. The conclusion was that the memories of their adventures traveling the planet gave them a sense of well-being that could not be compared to any other. And only the fact of preparing the trip already supposed an adrenaline rush to eight out of ten people asked.

How to be happy - Reading - A-Lifestyle
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Reading book

We all have good days, bad days and worse days. There are days that do not work out and you know it since the alarm goes off. Days of those that make you want to go back to bed, turn off the lights and wait until the next day to see if the thing has improved somewhat. You can also opt for the one really great idea of gaining happiness – reading books. 

You would like to be able to tell people that you have the definitive solution to fix one of those days, but in reality, you bring them a remedy that although is not definitive, at least it is quite close. Disconnect from the world and get ready to smile with this selection of stories that can be read during the free time or leisure time. As, sometimes, happiness can be hidden between the pages of a book.

There are many great novels and short stories which you and read online and offline both according to the availability. Also, you can read out some hilarious stories or real books on happiness and its chapters for lightening your mood and being happy. The famous books are “The how on Happiness”, “Happier Human”, “The Slight Edge” etc.

How to be happy - Watching movie - A-Lifestyle

Watching movie/drama/anime

There are different types of movies, some are fun, some make us think and some make us feel. The truth is that the world of cinema makes us spend pleasant moments, learn new things, reflect on life and explore new ways of living it. 

There are hundreds of thousands of movies of your choice which will leave you with a beautiful perspective of life. You will surely be happy with its multiple faces, contexts, through characters, stories, situations among others. Their stories have the immense power to move and make a dent in the viewer. On many occasions, this feeling is accompanied by great life lessons, capable even of clarifying our own human nature. That is just the greatness of the seventh art, its talent to reach the depths of man. 

You can simply enjoy a good movie in a theatre which can help you to relieve stress and let you think beyond work. Cinema is not just the most effective entertainment method. You can easily find this type of movies on Netflix. They have different genre movies available on their channel. Some amazing movies are Pursuit of Happiness, Blended, 7 pounds, Marvel studio movies, etc.

How to be happy - Shopping - A-Lifestyle


We all have a silly day. And that day we think that people should leave you alone. That tribute is usually translated in different ways. A special dinner, a gastronomic whim is full of calories. A bathtub is full of foam.  But every time it is more frequent that the homage is translated in the shopping of objects: to plant ourselves in any commercial center until it leaves us shopping of many pretty things. You can also choose some of the best shopping apps for online shopping. 

Have you ever thought what kind of things should you acquire to truly encourage yourselves? Technology? Clothing? Films? If you are looking for a lasting feeling of happiness, then none of those objects will achieve it. However, shopping the action itself will definitely work in this case according to recent research results produced. The work done by the renowned psychologists examines that to buy happiness, it is better to spend money on material shopping (a trendy dress or an impressive smartphone) rather than experiences like going out to eat or enjoying time in a concert, etc.

How to be happy - Eating - A-Lifestyle


It is said in a blog that happiness began at the fork. That phrase is not so surprising but a fact. It was enough for you to overwhelm when you stand in front of a good plate of pasta, coffee, dessert or a tuna steak. It is also said that there were certain foods that could influence our mood acting as a supplement for gaining happiness

A renowned scientist has learned and experienced that he was able to correct certain mental problems just by varying the diet of his patients.

There was also a study conducted on the relationship between junk food and cognition. After looking a bit, it was found that eating a healthy diet will also lead you to be happier. Drinks like green tea, lemonade will detoxify your body and release good endorphins. Also, fruits like apple will work to get a happier and healthier life.

How to be happy - Writing - A-Lifestyle
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Writing a diary, post or a small article will always be a success when it means that it helps you connect with your interior and with what happens around you. It also helps you see things from a broader perspective and enjoy every second of your life. The writing connects directly with your brain and your emotions, so it will help you to realize what are the most important aspects of your life.

For writing, you can start it on a very bright day or even during a cloudy day. Also, you can start with a great story or a simple thought. 

Your journal can become your refuge. You will see an evolution in you over the years, you will see that your letter is never always the same and you will also see how the aesthetics of your writing changes. 

No matter how sad you are or how happy you feel before, when you start writing somehow you will be in your exclusive world and you only need 5 minutes to get there. 

How to be happy - Listening to Music - A-Lifestyle

Listening to music

Music has a direct effect on the mood of the people, so listening to it is gratifying for the brain that releases dopamine every time we delight with a song. It also helps counteract cognitive aging and memory deterioration.

Two new studies published in the Journal indicate that the state of people improves remarkably in the short term, and their happiness increased during two weeks when they listen to positive music. This form of happiness is like a kind of healthy drug that many people cannot live without.    

Another fundamental aspect to hear music every day is the motivation that can give to you to achieve your goals, to make you more empathetic to reach a goal. You would feel happier by self-motivation through good lyrics or unique sounds

This research suggests that happiness is related to a greater likelihood of having good social behavior, better physical health, higher income, and greater satisfaction. All these are somehow connected to music and melodies. You should always try to get more into music.  You can also download various Music apps for listening to some soothing music.

How to be happy - Singing - A-Lifestyle
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Singing is not only fun, but it also makes you a happy person. A study conducted by a University explains that when we sing, our brain releases more endorphins and oxytocin that produce pleasure.

It was observed that after subjecting a group of people to 60 minutes with songs the levels of immunoglobulin A (a protein that is in the body and functions as an antibody) and hydrocortisone (anti-stress hormone), had increased considerably. The levels are even more than that in those who just hummed the song and music. This showed that by singing, your nervous system releases endorphins that help you feel more animated and energetic.

Singing also reduces stress. It reduces the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). In this way, it can help to combat depression and feelings of loneliness. You can sing any time during the day when you are off mood just to get back the energy and a good mood. 

How to be happy - Drawing - A-Lifestyle


Landscapes, geometric schemes, free drawings without correct or incorrect techniques, the figures in white waiting to be filled with color is an activity that is gaining more and more followers: art therapy for adults. 

Art therapy fosters sensory stimulation and creativity, among other things, serves to calm stress and control anxiety. Drawing allows you to distract yourself and experience sensations of freedom and relaxation, while the colors stimulate different areas of the brain.

Several specialists have begun to study the therapeutic effects of this activity, although the segregation of endorphins is usually associated with sports or chocolate. But it is also found in drawing performed through pleasant activities such as drinking tea with friends, laughing, having positive thoughts, taking care of plants or painting. 

Sleeping tips


It seems obvious, right? Don’t you wake up in a better mood when you’ve slept well? Or on the contrary, don’t you think you’re going to have the worst day of your life when you wake up after a bad night? Many people still need to take steps to help themselves and get enough sleep, just to have a good day. Being aware of bedding is a vital thing to live longer and better.

Sleeping is an essential medicine that cannot be missed in the treatment of various diseases. It also helps maintain concentration to achieve goals and even for controlling the appetite. Did you know that sleeping little affects the hormones that help us keep our appetite under control?

For better sleep, you need a quiet and soothing environment and also a scheduled time to complete your sleeping session. 

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How to be happy - Changing outlook - A-Lifestyle

Changing outlook/image

A change of look is always good when we no longer feel happy with our look or image.  At that moment when you have to make a change to renew yourselves, to feel good and comfortable with ourselves.

The need to change the look sometimes is not only for pleasure, but also necessary, especially when we go through significant events in our lives, such as the loss of a loved one, move, a new job, etc. 

You can start over. Sometimes after having gone through some bad time, it is necessary to leave everything behind and start over, a change of look can help you improve and forget those bad moments, you will feel renewed. Make a change of look, it will bring as a consequence to your life and confidence in yourself, security and desire to live life. Changing looks helps to improve your mood and makes you feel very good, and when you feel good, others perceive it.  Our hair always needs a change, a cut that gives it vitality, shine, and softness.

How to be happy - Massage - A-Lifestyle


We have long emphasized the importance of massage when it comes to relieving muscle tension and achieving a much faster recovery of the fibers. Massages stimulate blood circulation and increase it in some areas, making the fibers receive many more nutrients and recover much faster after the stress produced with exercise. But when it comes to knowing how to choose a massage well, we must realize that not all of them serve the same purpose. For that reason, you need to differentiate types that exist so that there is a better massage at home session carried out.

Massage is something that the human being has practiced since always. There are some of the most common, which clarify what they are used for since many people make a mess when deciding on one or another type of massage. First let’s stop at a classic, relaxing massage. As its name indicates what you are looking for is that, help to relax and eliminate the accumulated stress during the day. Also, you can simply use a massaging machine which is small and handy for use.

How to be happy - Bathing - A-Lifestyle


The idea of bathing is related to cleanliness, the beginning of a new stage. Your subconscious shows you the need to change and start to relax. You are going through a rather hectic season and you have to rest because the worst nerves are those that are carried inside. You can start by taking a relaxing bath along with enjoying small pleasures such as reading, movies, etc.

Bathing can be from the achievement of your goals to the beginning of a love relationship or a promotion. Happiness will be present in you these days because there will be nothing you do not get with a little effort.

There are many bathing products used today. They are mainly scented and herbal soaps, bath bombs, and shower shampoos.  These products can also be associated with a strong desire to improve social relations. If this is your case, you have nothing to worry about. Know the correct way on how to take a bath by using these products, get ready, go out and explore the world. 

How to be happy - Cleaning - A-Lifestyle


Cleanliness of spaces and clutter is one of the basic guidelines in any work. Cleaning with different cleaning tools known to advance the path to our happiness and that of the people who are with us.

If positive energy flows and circulates, our life will improve. The negative energy causes multiple obstacles and problems to arise in our daily life, everything costs much more and the results of our efforts are not properly rewarded. The accumulation of junk, things stored without use, clothes that we do not use, full cabinets, things behind the doors and others cause stagnant energy to be generated that becomes negative.

Clutter cleaning is recommended to be done, take the necessary guidelines for it and get the work done. In today’s time, you can use vacuum cleaners, dusting brushes/cloth, cleaning liquids and wiping tools. With these cleaning tools, life becomes easier.

How to be happy - Crying - A-Lifestyle


Crying is considered an emotional expression of any human being. It is the reaction that the organism has at a physiological, cognitive and emotional level before different behaviors. Scientifically, crying allows the release of hormones that keep the human being in balance and the tear secretion is the flow needed to keep the cornea in good condition. Research has found that in addition to being self-soothing, shedding emotional tears release endorphins and oxytocin. That causes the body to enter a state of relaxation and relief. After crying, people feel more relaxed, because the body sheds substances such as cortisol with tears and, in turn, generates endorphins and natural analgesics.

It releases stress also the emotional tears are those that the organism produces in happy and sad moments. When you are exposed to worries, stress does not give you the opportunity to think. In addition, when you cry prolactin and leucine are spilled, which are natural analgesics. In short, it is a chemical reaction to relieve pain and reduce stress. Of course, eyes care is necessary to make sure that there is no problem such as swollen eyes.

How to be happy - Making new friend - A-Lifestyle

Making new friends

Both current and ancient philosophers agree that the key to happiness is based on relationships with others.

It does not matter how much you are earning, you are a prestigious professional, you have the freedom to travel around the world wherever you want or have contributed to the welfare of humanity – if you do not feel valued and loved, you will never be really happy. Having friends and sharing your life is so important to feel good that everything else may seem secondary.

Making new friends leads us to know and appreciate those support you. The science of happiness is that you entrust to a friend and share your problems with him/her. In fact, people who have strong social support are healthier and live longer.

How to be happy - Family - A-Lifestyle

Chatting with friends/family

Communication/chatting is the exchange of information between two or more people. This can be verbal, for example when two people talk, or it can be non-verbal, like the information we perceive through the expression on the face of a person who will gesticulate if he is angry or cheerful. The communication can be positive, negative, effective or ineffective.

Chatting in the family has a more important function than pure information. It is a two-way bridge that connects the feelings between parents and children. Family chatting is basic to help children develop strong self-esteem, a healthy personality, and good social relationships.

The relationships between parents and children improve a lot when there is effective communication. If the chatting between parents and children is good, their relationships will be good too. Children begin to shape their ideas and opinions about themselves based on the communication they receive from parents.

When parents communicate effectively with their children, they show respect. Children begin to feel that their parents listen to them and understand them, which increases their self-esteem.

How to be happy - Gaming - A-Lifestyle


During childhood, the child lives in a phase in which gaming should be its main activity. Playing is learning, through play, the child understands the world and understands himself. Therefore, it is essential to understand the importance of free play for the development of the child and also in adulthood by giving various game recommendations

During the first years of life, the games must be free and spontaneous arising from its own initiative, not directed by the adult. This does not mean that the child should play alone, on the contrary, the company of the parents in the game, without stress, at their pace, provides emotional support essential for their development.

The game in childhood is not just entertainment, but above all, it is learning. Children use the game to build their own identity and subjectivity. 

Through the game, they learn to relate to others and to the world around them. Playing freely offers innumerable alternative games where children choose the challenge that interests them the most. They choose what to play, where to play and organize their time. They give free rein to the imagination and put together their own game projects without mediating the adults, making them make their own decisions and therefore, strengthening their self-esteem.

How to be happy - Meditation - A-Lifestyle


Meditate, is to spend a time of silence for introspection. We then perceive our breathing and with body awareness along with the connection with our state and emotions. This “look and see” allows entering a state of presence and acceptance towards oneself. This is simply liberating, inspiring and very healthy.

Meditating is one of the most beneficial activities of our life. It inspires us, recharges batteries, and makes us healthier, more efficient and happier. Meditation music is one of the best ways to control your brain and science has proven and corroborated with multiple studies. 

A worldwide success, including athletes, television presenters, doctors, investors, entrepreneurs, authors and researchers, more than 80% of them meditate daily. So, being so positive, favorable and beneficial always try to meditate regularly for gaining great mind peace.

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How to be happy - Volunteering - A-Lifestyle


The benefits of volunteering are many. Participating as a volunteer in a social and/or humanitarian cause brings great value to others, but also to oneself. 

Sometimes it is difficult to find time for others, with everything we have to do every day. However, through volunteering, we help ourselves while helping others. The benefits of volunteering are so great that it is worth considering if we really cannot devote a little time to develop an activity in favor of others.

Volunteering is a journey in two senses because it can benefit you and your family as well as the cause in which you choose to help. But what can volunteer offer me to make it worthwhile to take time away from daily chores? For starters, it allows meeting new people and making friends, develop skills and even advance in our career. In addition, it can help us protect our health, both mentally and physically. 

How to be happy - Interact with animals - A-Lifestyle

Interact with Animals

Petting can really help you recover from depression and relieve stress. Pets can be so important at times when you need constant support in your life. The animals that are most frequently used for animal-assisted therapy are dolphins, horses, and dogs. However, almost all animals can be used from fishes to farm animals.

Currently, the interaction with the animals for happiness gaining is becoming more frequent. The best way to interact with animals is to adopt them and not buy them.

Unlike people, with whom our interactions can be complex and unpredictable, pets provide a source of calm and a focus of attention. They make us feel safe and accepted unconditionally. For groups of disadvantaged people who feel vulnerable because of their physical and/or emotional conditions, this full acceptance is key. The animals do not judge!

The objectives of the interaction with animals, which must be determined by the health professional, can cover a wide range of aspects of the functioning of the human being.


So these are some top recommendations and things by which you can gain happiness and get rid of boredom and loneliness. These ways will rapidly make you happy and forget your sorrows. 

Always remember when you have no motivation to do anything or to be positive in all circumstances, try to follow these things. You can feel a great change in your personality and behavior. 

Depression and anxiety will no longer follow you as you are free from all the problems which have been haunting you since long. If the problems seem to be more serious do pay a visit to the doctor and get your issue resolved.

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