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The Pantone Colour Institute has identified the Classic Blue Colour as the color of the year 2020, and it is going to be the trending color of the year. The classic blue color elucidates confidence, calm, and connection with people. It also signifies the need for a stable and dependable foundation as we step into a new decade with a lot of hope and expectation. Another interpretation that has surfaced is that the color resembles the evening sky, which inspires a peaceful and clear mind. 

Like every year, the color of the year takes over in every way of life and not just in fashion. It becomes the go-to color for home furnishings, wall color and of course apparel, fashion accessories, and cosmetics. This color is also easy to pair with different other colors such as purple, black, white, grey, gold, and a plethora of others. Here we will be looking at various vegan nail polish brands and how they might adapt to this trending color. You must try on these brands to stay up to the trend. 

10 Best Vegan nail polish brands


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Zoya Nail polish is a natural nail polish that stays on for the longest time. It is free from formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, and DBP – anything that could harm your nails or skin. The nail polish is also vegan-friendly, and the range has all the latest colors of fashion. You will also find the PANTONE Colour of the Year here and definitely should give it a try. 

786 Cosmetics

This breathable, vegan nail polish is made of halal products. The colors here are inspired by insights gathered from cities across the world. The brand prides itself of its inclusive nature to take into different cultures around the world to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us. Such an adaptive brand would stock the latest Classic Blue Colour, and you could pair it with other nail colors to create interesting nail art. 

Cirque Colours 

The Cirque colors promise cruelty-free, non-toxic, vegan, and 4-Free colors that give your nails a healthy and natural glow. It also has a tempting variety to choose from, and it’s especially handmade in Brooklyn, New York City. Choose from their wide range and get yourself the nail colors you always wanted. Match it with your new outfits and enhance your look the next time you go out for a party. 

Karma Organic Spa 

Karma Organic Nail Polishes are truly of premium quality because they are absolutely non-toxic and has components that provide strength and shine to your nails. These rich components are calcium and coffee extracts. This results in no chipping or yellowing of your nails. The 2-in-1 top coat and base add a luster to the nails, which makes it differentiated from other nail polish brands. The nail polishes are entirely free of toxic chemicals, and no compromise is done with the quality of the products. A Classic Blue nail polish from this brand would give you a very classy look due to the luster of the nail polish and, at the same time, keep your nails healthy. 

Intrinsic By Nature 

This brand has an extensive range of nail products. Users of this brand feel pampered due to the quality and the look that these nail polishes give. It is 100% pure and chemical-free making it completely natural and safe for application on your nails. You do not have to worry about any side effects on the application of nail polishes from this brand. Mix and match various colors from the brand to enhance your nail polish collection. Do not forget to pick up the Classic Blue – PANTONE’s Colour of the Year, to stay trendy and relevant. 

Beauty Without Cruelty 

This 60-year-old brand has been leading the way with its cosmetics, which are completely cruelty-free and are 100% vegan. The products of this brand do not contain any ingredient taken from any animal; neither is it tested on any animal. The two-coat nail polish constitutes 85% naturally sourced ingredients. It is incredibly gentle on the nails, and it also has a 100% plant-based, extremely effective nail polish remover. Try out their range the soonest to get the best-suited colors for yourself and your nails. 


LVX houses the trendiest of collections adapting emerging colors straight from the runway. The nail polishes are completely vegan, cruelty-free, and 5-Free too. The extract is such that it stays for a long time and has a creamy, chip-resistant, ultra-rich coating. The nail polish has a beautifully smooth and shiny finish, which makes you stand out amongst the rest. 


This brand boasts of its vibrant colors that stay put for a long time. This range also does not contain any chemicals. A new addition to their collection is the 100% vegan nail polish brush that facilitates very easy application. If you are a true vegan, you are sure to be impressed with this brand as it pays attention o every detail of the process and has made a successful attempt to make it vegan. A Blue Classic Nail Polish would cater to your passion for being vegan and also will keep you trendy. 


NCLA is an award-winning nail polish brand that is also a favorite of many celebrities. The products of this brand are paraben-free, cruelty-free, 100% vegan, and 7-Free. It promises quality and style at the same time being sensitive to the surroundings making it a brand you would want to associate yourself with. Try out their range to make your existing collection even more interesting. 

Butter London 

This brand makes its formula with clean ingredients, which will make you feel good and beautiful. The formula is also completely cruelty-free, and it keeps adapting to the latest trends very fast. Needless to say, it will highlight the color of the year – Classic Blue in its collection. So, do give it a try for a feel-good experience. 

With the plethora of brands offering vegan nail polish to choose from, take your pick and be classy, stylish, and trendy. These brands are also socially conscious and responsible, giving you more reason to pick your choice from them. 

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