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11 Incredible Uses Of Essential Oils You Should Know

Essential oils have the potential to cure a wide range of problems, starting from acne all the way to anxiety. 

However, before you start using essential oils in your daily life, it is crucial to understand what exactly essential oils are.

Essential oil is basically the essence that is extracted from plants, which then undergoes the process of distillation to capture the flavor and scent of the plant. For some plants, the essential oil is extracted from dried seeds, resin, or peel. However, for others, it is derived from the flowers, bark, roots, or leaves.

Essential oil isn’t a discovery of the present; they have been around for ages. From being a crucial ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics to serving an array of therapeutic purposes, each essential oil has a unique composition. While some have the power to deal with pain, others work amazingly as antiseptic or deliver anti-inflammatory benefits. 

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Essential Oils: What are they good for?

Aromatherapy is very powerful and has the full potential to deal with anxiety, stress, and even depression. 

  • A variety of essential oils – lavender, bergamot, and clary sage have the ability to reduce anxiety. They relax an overstressed mind and offer the aid of peaceful sleep. 
  • Essential Oils possess anti-inflammatory properties. They reduce inflammation and irritation.
  • Aromatherapy is directly linked to pain management. 
  • Essential Oils boost the immune system. They have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. 
  • It is the cure to several skin irritations. 
Lavender Oil

1. Essential Oils For Headaches/Migraines

Certain essential oils contain methanol, which has the power to cure migraines or deal with headaches. They relax the muscles and reduce the pain. 

  • Lavender oil – This particular essential oil can reduce stress and deliver relaxation and relief. The soothing scent of lavender can treat acute migraines. 
  • Peppermint oil – Another commonly used oil for treating migraines. On the application of diluted peppermint oil, it will ease the pain and relax your muscles. 
  • Eucalyptus oil – If you are experiencing headaches due to blocked sinuses, then eucalyptus oil will prove beneficial. 

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2. Essential Oils For Cold

Essential oils will induce sleep; this reduces the risk of cold. Certain oils can cure viral infections as well, while others reduce the symptoms of fever.

  • Eucalyptus oil – When eucalyptus essential oil is consumed orally or inhaled – it treats the common cold. To reduce fever, eucalyptus oil can also be used as a cold compress. 
  • Rosemary oil – A powerful herb that is commonly grown in gardens. It contains a powerful cineole compound. Cineole reduces inflammation and breaks up mucus. 
  • Lemongrass oil – It is brimming with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, which helps to fight with a variety of flu symptoms and takes care of cold. It can reduce pain due to the analgesic properties that it contains. 

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3. Essential Oils For Acne

Is it true certain FOODS can make you have ACNE?

From reducing blemishes to healing popped pimples, fighting pimples, reducing scarring, and treating boils and cysts – essential oil is the ultimate alternative to store-bought chemical products. 

  •  Tea Tree Oil – It is an incredibly natural way to take care of spots that acne leaves behind. The anti-inflammatory and antifungal benefits of tea tree oil improve the texture of the skin and prevent the formation of acne. 
  • Lemongrass Oil – The citrusy scent of lemongrass has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. This handles zits and also alleviates pain. 
  • Lavender Oil – It kills bacteria, which prevents an acne breakout and also heals the skin. Lavender oil reduces inflammation and unclogs pores.

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4. Essential Oils For Cough

Essential Oils For Cough

In several ways, a few essential oils can calm your cough and congestion. From inhaling steam to rubbing a few drops of essential oils onto the throat and chest – they can be used in several ways to ease congestion and open airways. 

  •  Eucalyptus oil – Not only does this essential oil silence a cough, but it also ensures that the mucus is no longer causing congestion. 
  • Cinnamon oil – You might fail to associate this essential oil with medicinal properties, but it does wonders for cold, cough, and congestion. It protects your respiratory system against the germs that attack it. 
  • Peppermint oil – When peppermint essential oil is inhaled, it numbs a scratchy throat and soothes it. The bronchial muscles are relaxed when peppermint oil is used. This eases breathing. 

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5. Essential Oils For Weight Loss

The fat that is stored in our body can be reduced when the essential oils activate the enzymes in the body. This helps to reduce fat by boosting our metabolism and cleansing the lymphatic nodes. 

  •  Grapefruit oil – It contains the beneficial compound called D – limonene. Grapefruit oil helps to suppress cravings, reduces fluid retention, and increases metabolism. It reduces stress eating and emotional stress. 
  • Ginger oil – From reducing stress to inflammation and controlling weight – ginger oil has several benefits. It supports digestion and controls the cravings for sugary stuff. 
  • Lemon oil – The powerful scent of lemon oil elevates the process of breaking down body fat. It also removes the buildup of toxins, supports digestion, and increases energy levels. 

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6. Essential Oil For Hair Growth

perfect skin

There are several essential oils that have the potential to protect the hair strands. They also moisturize the scalp and soothes it. Thus, you will enjoy soft, luscious, and glowing locks or regular application of essential oils. The presence of crucial components in essential oils reduces inflammation and irritation of the scalp while promoting hair growth. 

  •  Rosemary Oil – The problems of hair loss can be solved with rosemary oil. It reduces hair loss by boosting the blood circulation in the scalp. Rosemary oil helps to clean the follicles by keeping them unclogged. The problem of dandruff (a cause of hair loss) will be solved. 
  • Geranium Oil – It nourishes the scalp and maintains a healthy balance of sebum. Geranium oil also prevents the loss of natural oils. 
  • Tea Tree Oil – It unclogs the hair follicles and offers extra nourishment to the roots. 

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7. Essential Oil For Depression

signs of stress and anxiety

Aromatherapy also makes the most of organic compounds to improve your mental health while reducing stress and anxiety. From boosting your mood to elevating your energy levels, essential oils have a lot of benefits. 

  • Ylang Ylang Oil – The floral scent of this essential oil is the key to relaxation. It lowers anxiety levels too.
  • Lavender Oil – It improves the sleep cycle and promises undisturbed, healthy sleep. Lavender oil positively enhances the quality of life and also enhances mood. 
  • Bergamot Oil – This essential oil has a soothing, citrusy aroma that will calm your stress levels and uplifts your mood. It also reduces anxiety. 

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8. Essential Oils For Fleas


Now is the time to clean your home and spread the fascinating aroma of essential oils. Did you know a few drops of essential oil will prevent the manifestation of fleas? 

  • Lavender Oil – It soothes the dog’s skin and prevents infection. Lavender oil also repels ticks also prevents them from hatching. 
  •  Lemongrass Oil – The smell of lemongrass oil is exceptionally unpleasant for fleas. It consists of geraniol and citral – which naturally repel fleas. 
  • Citronella Oil – If you add a few drops of citronella to your dog’s shampoo, then fleas will not attach themselves to the dog. 

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9. Essential Oil For Sore Throat

When essential oils are combined with carrier oils, and they are gently massaged on the throat, it reduces irritation and inflammation caused by a sore throat. 

  •  Eucalyptus Oil – The antiseptic properties of eucalyptus oil treat sore throat. Its antibacterial power fights against the drug-resistant bacteria.
  • Thyme Oil – The powerful antibacterial abilities of thyme oil fights against the strains of bacteria responsible for sore throat. It reduces muscle spasms that stop coughing. 
  • Lemon Oil – This has both antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that prevent infection and cures a sore throat. 

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10. Essential Oil For Nausea

When an essential oil is rubbed or gently massaged on pressure points (intestinal areas or stomach), it will bring relief and handle nausea. 

  • Ginger oil – Be it motion sickness or nausea – ginger oil has proved to be the perfect remedy. Rubbing it directly on pressure points like wrists, forehead, or stomach will improve nausea. 
  •  Lavender oil – It calms your body and decompresses the mind, which will help you sleep better. Therefore if nausea is caused by physical pain or anxiety, lavender oil is the perfect cure.
  • Lemon oil – It brings relief to those who suffer from nausea. The soothing and relaxing aroma will help you be at ease. 

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11. Essential Oils For Psoriasis

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There have been several studies that conclude that essential oils have properties to take care of psoriasis. They put the mind at ease because emotional turmoil can also trigger psoriasis. 

  • Tea Tree Oil – It possesses antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, which improves the functioning of the immune system. Psoriasis can be dealt with tea tree oil as it eases inflammation and handles the infection. 
  • Rose Geranium Oil – From reducing stress and inflammation to improving circulation – rose geranium oil has several properties. It keeps psoriasis at bay and regenerates the growth of healthy cells. 
  • Bergamot Oil – The anti-inflammatory properties of bergamot essential oil reduce psoriasis pain. It is best suited for scalp psoriasis. 

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These are some of the crucial essential oils that you can include in your daily life to ward off several physical and mental health problems. However, don’t rely on them way too much. In case of a critical health issue, consult a doctor. 

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