Useful Packing List for Female Travelers 2020

As a woman, there are a lot of essentials to keep in mind when you’re packing. Sometimes this list can go on and on, and you end up with overstuffed luggage.

We often go overboard while packing because it’s nice to be prepared for everything, but that’s not a practical decision.

Now, if you think about it, carrying all of that around will probably leave you groaning with back pains. So pack smartly. This checklist will give you an idea about what you should pack and what is unnecessary.

Travel Baggage

The first step is to choose the correct backpack. Do you prefer backpacks or suitcases? A simple hack is to consider the number of days you’re staying away. If you plan on a short trip, you can carry a small bag.

However, for longer trips, consider purchasing a traveler’s backpack. Those trolley bags might look convenient, but the wheels often get stuck. 

They aren’t meant to go through the rough terrains and aren’t durable. Moreover, sometimes picking up your luggage makes things simpler and quicker rather than dragging it.

Try buying a backpack that stores a lot and fits snugly on your shoulders. And, if you’re planning a road trip, consider installing a car roof rack for extra storage.

Clothes To Bring

Research about the destination you’re traveling to. What kind of weather is common there? Would it be hot or rainy when you reach your destination? Asking yourself simple questions like these can save a lot of space. So, pack according to the weather. 

When traveling to cheap countries, many travelers prefer buying clothes on the go as it doesn’t cost too much. Always carry extra pairs of undergarments and bras. The best tip to avoid overstuffing is to go with tops and lowers that can be mixed and matched. That way, your outfits will not overlap.

If you’re not sure what kind of weather awaits you, keep a pair of all sorts of clothes. You can always shop in the local thrift stores for extra clothing. 


Over-stocking on shoes is one of the biggest packing mistakes. You won’t require that many. Again, keep in mind the kind of terrain you’re visiting. If you know you will go for a hike or other adventure sports, carry sturdy shoes that will endure all the wear and tear.

A pair of fancy heels probably won’t be needed in such an adventurous trip. On the other hand, you’re going to an all-out party in Ibiza; you’ll probably need your iconic stilettos. Generally, just carry one pair of fancy sandals and one pair of flip-flops.

Skincare Essentials

Don’t forget to pack your skincare essentials. Here’s a comprehensive list:

Don’t worry about taking towels; you’ll find some in your hotel rooms. If you’re traveling locally, there’s always eco-friendly disposable alternatives available.

Try not to go over the top with the toiletries, because most of them will be provided wherever you choose to stay. Just remember to keep exclusive products that cater to your skin type.

Sometimes a change of atmosphere can cause your skin to break out. You might not find your anti-acne face wash when you’re on the way.


Make-up is a woman’s best friend! Here’s a small checklist for your makeup necessities:

If you do not want to carry makeup, it’ll save you a lot of space. But if you plan on packing, remember not to take too many glass bottles like nail paints.

They could break while traveling. It might be tempting to carry all your eye palettes and brushes but stick to a look for most of the trip. For example, if you’re going to Ibiza, carry the bold shades and lipsticks.

A trip to an adventurous spot won’t require too much makeup because you’ll be drowned in sweat most of the time. So consider carrying just the bare minimum essentials. 

Travel Med Kit

Traveling is great, but don’t let that distract you from taking your daily medication. If you’re on some regular medication, pack them safely, and keep your prescription in case you run out during the trip—stock up on tampons or sanitary pads.

You might struggle to find them if you’re on the road. Remember to carry other necessary medicines like paracetamol, aspirin, and contraceptive pills if needed. Keep a first aid kit handy. It’s an essential addition to your travel kit; you never know when you might need it. 


Last but not least, don’t forget your gadgets. A long-lasting power bank can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling on the road. Don’t forget your chargers, laptops, and earphones.

If you worry that you might run out of space while clicking pictures, carry a spare hard drive or SD card. Thieves eye all your expensive electronics, so keep them close. A lot of travelers have suggested getting a dummy wallet, full of canceled cards and change.

If a thief tries to pickpocket, both of you can walk off happy. While carrying a digital camera, keep it safe in a bag when you’re done using it. Too many tourists are careless with their cameras and end up forgetting it in some corner of the beach.


Packing might seem like a difficult chore if you’re used to stuffing everything in hopes of being well prepared. You can find several alternatives on the go.

But, just make sure you get these travel necessities. Another essential thing to keep in mind is to get travel insurance. It can back you up monetarily in case things go awry. Keep your masks and sanitizers handy, and you’re good to go. Pack smartly, and travel safely.

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