Useful Makeup Tips for Oily Skins

Having oily skin type means you’re lucky! Although it might be annoying to you, especially when it comes to taking care of it, the truth is thanks to its texture, and your skin will stay youthful even when you get in your later years. The only thing you should do is to take proper care out of it. And when it comes to makeup, you’ll need a piece of practical advice on how to prepare your skin for a full day under makeup. For that reason, we present you with a few tips to help you keep your makeup at its place. 

Tip# 1: Always Clean Your Face First 

If you have an oily skin type, then the makeup application process will start with cleansing your face with products that are appropriate to your skin type. Foaming gels to wash your face, applying toner, and using rich face cream will be an indispensable part of your daily care and makeup routine. Also, the thing that can help is using peeling masks. Just make sure not to use them too often. Once a week will be enough to keep your skin look spotless. In the majority of cases, homemade masks can be enough to keep your skin well maintained, so make sure to explore all the DIY peeling masks and use some of them. 

Tip# 2: Anti-Shine Primers for T Zone Are Must-Do 

Oily skin means your T-Zone – forehead, nose, and chin will always shine more than the rest of the face. The only way to prevent these from affecting the looking of your overall face makeup is to use anti-shine primers that will control oil production and help your face look smoother. Those primers will also keep your foundation in its place, preventing it from disappearing during the day. So, if there is a product you should not save money on when buying it, then the vote goes to primer. 

Tip# 3: Make Sure to Know How to Apply the Makeup Properly

how to use setting powder

We are sure you’ll want the foundation to stay for all day long on your skin, so make sure to have these products to keep it in its place: 

Always Choose Mattifying Foundation 

Once you apply the primer, the next step is to set up the foundation. Make sure to choose the mattifying one that will prevent your face skin look shiny. The best way to apply the foundation on oily skin is to use the blending sponge and move it circularly to apply it. Of course, be sure not to overdo with the foundation cause this will not look elegant. If you’re unsure what type of foundation to choose, explore the YouTube recensions and other reviews, and learn from others’ experiences. 

Another tip associated with foundation choice is you should be cautious about choosing the foundation if you live in sunny places with warm climates like Australia. Since the quality of the product directly determines how long the foundation will stay on your face which is especially challenging in high temperatures. For that reason, we advise you to take your time when choosing the foundation and check through all the products from wholesale makeup in Australia, which is the greatest provider of makeup in the whole continent. 

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Concealer Will Help Your Skin Look Perfect

The moment you apply the foundation, it is time to use the concealer to mitigate all the dark under-eye bags or skin redness and blemishes. A small amount of this product will be enough to keep your skin look spotless without providing it with this weighty feeling on the skin. 

Setting Powder and Spray Will Keep Your Foundation All Day Long on Your Face

The last step to keep your foundation in its place is to set it with a powder and spray to help you attain this natural-looking, and also provide you with the security your foundation will not disappear during the day. You can apply the setting powder using the blending sponge or makeup brush. Whatever you choose to use, just make sure you’ll set it equally all around your face. And of course, after you finish with the powder, you will just spray the setting spray, do the rest of your makeup, and – you’re ready to go! 

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Quality Makeup Means Quality Skin 

The only way to keep your skin quality in a good condition is to treat it with high-quality cosmetics and makeup products. The secret of youthful-looking skin is to nurture it both from the inside and outside, hydrate it, and choosing the care and makeup products 

following your skin type. 

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