5 Triggers That Can Provoke a Dog Into Biting You

Dogs are lovable creatures that often become family members. Although most dogs are docile and loving, not all dogs are trained to obey. When a dog bites a person, the owner can be held liable. It is essential individuals are aware of the triggers that can cause any dog to bite. Being aware of these triggers and avoiding them will help individuals prevent bite issues. 

All Dogs Are Capable of Biting

Many dog owners mistakenly believe their dogs would never bite, but this is not correct. Any dog has the potential to bite given the right circumstances. If someone has become bitten by a dog, they can learn how to get legal help over at

5 Triggers That Can Cause a Dog to Bite

Being aware of the triggers that can cause a dog to bite is important not only for dog owners but for everyone. Being aware of these triggers will help individuals protect themselves against bites. The following are five triggers that may lead a dog to bite a human. 

1. Fear is one of the most common reasons dogs will bite. When a dog is afraid, it will naturally attempt to protect itself. Generally, when a dog is biting out of fear, it is attempting to get away from danger. It is trying to distance itself. 

2. Dogs will also bite sometimes if they are startled. Sometimes, these bites seem to come out of nowhere and shock both the dog and the owner. Often, older dogs are more susceptible to biting after being startled because their sight and hearing are diminishing. A dog bite can be devastating.

3. A dog will also bite to protect its owner. If a dog is overly protective of its owner and feels the owner is being threatened in any way, the dog may react and bite. 

4. Dogs will also sometimes bite because they are protecting or guarding food, toys, or some other prized possession. Some dogs have a very strong guarding tendency. Even if the danger is not real, dogs can perceive it to be a threat and react with a bite. 

5. Pain is sometimes the cause of a dog bite. When a dog is in pain, they are often sick and afraid. A dog is more likely to bite when being handled while in pain. Owners should practice caution when handling their dog while the dog is hurting. 

How Can Dog Bite Victims Hold Owners Accountable?

When someone is bitten by a dog, the owner may be held responsible. It is essential for dog bite victims to understand their rights and the steps they should take to get help. One of the first things the victim needs to do is to seek medical care. Dog bites can easily become infected. 

After receiving medical care, dog bite victims need to get help from a lawyer. Getting legal help from a lawyer is important because it protects the rights and best interests of the dog bite victim. A dog bite lawyer becomes an advocate for the injured victim. They work to ensure the victim is treated fairly and receives the best possible outcome for their injury case. 

Dog Bite Victims Have the Right to Seek Compensation

Injured dog bite victims should work to hold dog owners accountable. Getting help from a lawyer is the right of every dog bite victim. Victims also have the right to seek compensation for their injuries and damages. With prompt help from a lawyer, injured dog bite victims can get the legal assistance they need. 

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