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How To Find Right Treatment Center For Depression

If you or your loved one is going through depression, you need to seek treatment at the earliest.  It is a common mental illness that can be treated with medicine or counseling to improve your way of life.

But what type of treatment should you opt for? And which depression treatment center in Austin is the best? To find answers to these questions, Dr. Paul Foster from Austin Ketamine Specialists agreed to help out. To find out how to find the best depression treatment center for you.

Types of Depression Centers

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For people with mild levels of depression, self-help or even counseling sessions can work well.  But if the depression is more severe, you need to go for advanced treatment options only available at treatment centers. Here are 2 types of treatment centers you can choose from:

1. Inpatient centers

Several depression centers provide around-the-clock care for patients struggling with depression as well as substance abuse. Such centers provide psychiatric care, group therapy, exercises, and other activities that help in the healing process. You have your own room and can focus on healing yourself away from day-to distractions and inferences.

Once you have overcome your depression, you can go back to the world and continue counseling to cope up with stress.

2. Outpatient centers

If you don’t want to commit to 24X7 care and want to treat depression while living your normal lifestyle, outpatient centers are a good choice. Such centers use a combination of therapy and medication to control and relieve your symptoms. They are also great for maintaining your recovery after completing treatment at an in-patient center.

How To Choose The Right Depression Center

Both outpatient and inpatient centers have their merits and demerits. So you must choose a depression that offers the services you need. Choosing the right depression center for your or your loved one can be an overwhelming process. So here are tips that will help you make the right decision.

1. Work With Your Medical Provider

Not every depression patient needs 24×7 care. So before heading to the treatment facility directly, you need to get yourself assessed by a medical provider or psychiatrist. They will evaluate your symptoms and will advise whether you need an inpatient center. 

2. Research the Facilities

Once you have decided the type of center you need, do some research on the center. Check for credentials of their staff, licenses and see if they have the necessary certifications for providing the treatment. Also, check the services provided and whether the treatments offered are based on evidence. Patients with severe depression or even treatment-resistant depression will need medications like ketamine to be administered intravenously to manage chronic pain or even suicidal thoughts. It shows results immediately and the effects are long-lasting. So see if the depression center provides such medical therapies.

3. Evaluate Your Options

Once you have narrowed down your options, it is time to pick a center. You can book a consultation with the centers and inquire about the prices. In-patient treatment centers will cost a bit more. But expensive or even luxury facilities need not always be the better choice. 

So pick a center that is well-established and has experienced professionals to help treat your depression.

If you are looking for a depression center that provides chronic pain treatment in Austin, Tx, you can book a consultation at Austin Ketamine Specialists. Dr. Paul Foster and his team will work closely with your mental health provider to treat your depression with ketamine infusion therapy. If all other treatments have failed, book a free consultation at Austin Ketamine clinic to see if the therapy might help you recover from depression.

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