Trek Essentials- Everything You Must Take Along For Your Next Trip

If you are one of the adventure enthusiasts, the idea of going on a trek will surely send the adrenaline rushing. But you’ll also know that preparing for a trekking trip takes a lot of work, right from making sure that you are physically in shape to packing the right gear you will need outdoors. While basics like trekking shoes, comfortable clothing, food and water have you covered to a good extent, there are some more essentials that you need to keep going even in the toughest places like the mountains or forest trails. Here are the ones you must not miss for your next trip.

A spacious backpack

The first and probably one of the most valuable essentials that trekkers need to carry is a spacious backpack. While buying one, make sure that you check its straps because you would need a sturdy bag that can carry all the weight you would want. One with a number of side pockets and compartments makes a good pick because they let you organize your stuff and find it easily. A 40 – 60 liters size is ideal when it comes to a trekking backpack, though you may opt for a smaller or bigger one depending on how long your trip is.

A personal medical kit

Something that overenthusiastic adventurers are likely to overlook is a proper personal medical kit. Apart from basic first-aid stuff and over-the-counter drugs for common problems, the medical kit should have all the medicines prescribed by your doctor and the supplements you take daily. Ensure that you check the expiry dates of all the medicines before leaving because you wouldn’t want them to do more harm than good.

A thermos


Water is something that you cannot survive without, so a water bottle or thermos should be the next item in your trekking checklist. Don’t just settle for any bottle, rather look for a thermos that keeps the water warm or cool according to your needs. Check out for this amazing bottle that works as a thermos and doubles up as a charger for your mobile or camera. With this product, you can actually save a lot of space as you won’t have to carry your chargers separately.


You cannot expect to find a convenience store in the middle of the wild, so carrying along a full supply of toiletries is important to stay fresh through the trip. Pack essentials like moisturizer, face wash, lip balm, and toothpaste in a waterproof toiletry bag. Don’t forget your sunscreen as it will keep you protected through the long hours outdoors. Carry lots of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, hand towels, and napkins as well. A pair of small scissors, battery cells, thread, and needle and matchbox can be added to your toiletry kit, just in case you need them. Carry some extra zip lock bags in case you have leakage or spill.

If you plan a long trip, carrying an extra day bag is a smart move. You will need it to offload your luggage and leave stuff behind at the campsite, instead of carrying the entire load on the trek. Apart from carrying everything you need, pack smartly so that you don’t need to struggle to find things. 

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