Popular ways of tracking direct mail postcard campaign 

The real estate industry is highly competitive. You must build your brand awareness, carve out a sizable market share for yourself, attract investors, and convert those into sales. And marketing techniques help you achieve these objectives. 

Nowadays, digital marketing is a lucrative option, using strategies like social media campaigns, marketing automation, digital advertising, paid search ads, and online display ads. But these have various limitations. For instance, many people in your target audience might not be on social media, and others might not be interested in opening spammy-looking emails.

In such circumstances, the best alternative is direct mail postcards, a marketing strategy that gives you the desired results. It lets you focus on a target audience, is cost-effective, has a high response rate, is tangible, and carries a personal touch.

Mail postcards are trackable. There are several ways of tracking your direct marketing campaign and determining the response it receives. Monitoring your campaign is necessary because you will never know if it served the intended purpose or not.

The best way to track is by hiring an experienced company with an integrated tracking system that provides regular updates about your postcards after they are delivered. 

Here are some of the popular ways of tracking emails. 

Using QR codes

It refers to a barcode that can be easily read with a smartphone and contains information in a set of pixels. It lets you know the number of people who have responded to your mail and used the code to visit a website. However, before using a code, ensure it contains an attractive offer or discount for the recipient. For example, you could offer special deals to prospective buyers or sellers or loyalty rewards.

You could also use the code to redirect them towards downloading a brochure or booking a visit. It is a good idea to customize the codes considering age, demographic, location, etc. 

Making use of trackable URLs

Professional tracking companies highly recommend inserting trackable URLs on postcards to know the progress of your campaign. Once the audience clicks on the link, it will lead them to a website created for this purpose.

You can choose from two types of URLs: 

1. General 

2. Specific

General ones have the same URL and give you an overall idea of the response rate. Unique links let you track the users individually. 

Using these for special offers or exclusive information related to real estate in your area is better. You can hire companies that offer pre-built automated seller valuation templates that let you mail postcards containing links for recipients to determine their property’s value. 

Every address has a unique link and allows you to store the recipient’s email address to identify those requesting seller valuations. 

Mentioning a phone number 

Although this is more of a follow-up practice, it helps with tracking purposes too. Mentioning your phone number on the postcard helps in knowing the number of people who have responded. 

You should use a tracking call or call forwarding number for this purpose. A call track number is a unique phone number that redirects to your actual phone number, letting you identify the caller. 

These are some ways of tracking your direct mail postcards campaign to check their response rates and whether they are successful at providing the desired results. Direct mail effectively reaches your targeted audience, particularly in real estate, where you must establish brand awareness before attracting customers.

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