Top Tips On How To Move On A Budget

For many of us, the process of moving can become very expensive. Moving expenses can add up quickly, resulting in a lot of stress and frustration, especially when funds are limited.  However, there are useful tips you can use to help make your move more affordable. 

How to Move in a Cheap Way

1. Declutter Before You Move

The first step involves decluttering your home. Gather any items you no longer use that you think you can sell. Think about whether these items will be worth the headache, cost, and time to move. If they are not, think about selling them and using the money towards your moving expenses. 

You may also consider use the storage service to keep your belongings before moving.

Tips To Getting Rid Of Unwanted Items:

  • Host an estate sale or garage sale
  • Sell your items online using apps like OfferUp or Wallapop
  • List the items you would like to sell on your neighborhood Facebook community

2. Donate Bulky Items You Cannot Sell

The best way to get rid of items you are unable to sell would be to donate them. In most cases, thrift shops or charity stores are the best options for effortless and fast donating. 

3. Use Free Or Cheap Packaging Materials

Packaging materials can become expensive. Rather than buying oversized rolls of bubble-wrap, use items that you already own to pack up your household goods. 

Tips On Saving Money On Packaging Supplies:

  • Use socks to wrap up your glassware
  • Use kitchen towels to separate items such as china or glass plates
  • Avoid purchasing boxes and instead use a site like Craigslist to find people who may be giving them away

4. Avoid Buying Unnecessary Items For Your New House

It is essential to keep an eye on what you spend, especially when it comes to moving. One of the easiest ways to save a bit of money before deciding to move is to purchase what you need for your new home. Resist thinking about how you would like to decorate your home until you are living there. Holding off on buying new things will help you save money and have fewer items to move with. 

5. Decide On Whether You Need To Spend Money On A Moving Company

Recruiting either movers or a group of friends is one of the most important decisions you will have to make before your move. While it may seem tempting to bribe your closest friends with beer and pizza, hiring full service movers is the best option in some cases.

Here are a few questions to ask before you decide to hire movers:

  • Do you have friends that are capable and willing to move heavy furniture?
  • Are you relocating or moving very far away?
  • How much money do you have for your move?
  • How much do you expect to save if you ask your friends to help you move?
  • Do you own valuable items of furniture that you need to move?

Deciding to use a moving company will cost you a fair amount of money, but this can help you save many headaches when it comes to efficiency and moving your furniture and items of value safely and professionally.

6. Try Avoid Moving During Peak Season

If possible, try not to move from May through to September. Off-season rates are not only lower, but it will also be easier to find more affordable movers. You will also find it much easier to secure a date and convenient time for your move. 

7. Use A Self-Storage Facility If You Find Yourself In A Pinch

If the move you are planning is only temporary, or when your new house is not ready, and you have to vacate your old home, using a self-storage facility like Sunshine Coast Storage Solutions might be the only option you have available to you. Using a self-storage unit can also help minimize the stress of moving all your items in one day. Self-storage units also offer the convenience of accessing items that you need and then storing other items of value that are not so important right now. 

Final Thoughts

It is possible to move on a budget, especially when you plan ahead. Ensure that you have decluttered your home and found affordable and reliable movers to make your moving experience more affordable and enjoyable.

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