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Top 6 Tips for Creating a Peaceful Oasis in Your Home

Life can be stressful enough. What’s needed is a home that feels peaceful and is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Here are 6 top tips for great ways to create that serene homelife.  

Add Greenery Indoors

For those of us with backyards, we love to spend time outside to relax there. Listening to the birds chirping in the morning and the tree limbs swaying in the breeze can take your mind off difficult subjects. And for anyone who enjoys gardening and plants, then that’s even more reasons to step outside more often. 

Similarly, adding plant life to the indoors can borrow some of that outdoor feeling and relocate it indoors. This makes the home feel more like a positive, happy living space to be enjoyed. Avoid bringing outdoor plants indoors though.

Plants that prosper under indoor lighting conditions and clean the air are better options. A Dracaena Gold Star, a Monstera Deliciosa, or a ZZ Plant are excellent indoor plant choices

Switch to an Unfussy Décor 

Décor can be overly busy with multiple complex patterns and colors at work. At the end of the long day, these can visually clash together. As a result, it feels the opposite of calming for the eyes and the mind. 

Instead, consider a home improvement project to create a solid, single-color tone in each room. Also, for DIY renovation projects, you may wish to consider replacement furnishings and other new additions. These can match a more muted décor and avoid old furniture clashing with a new, more muted wall palette. 

Remove or Reduce Distractions


Distractions come in many forms. 

Certainly, there are visual distractions that wear on you. These we’ve mentioned in the previous section. However, if you’re not looking to redecorate rooms, then the next best thing is to declutter the space.

For example, a home office crammed full of knick-knacks might have seemed like a good idea, but it’s not restful on the eyes. Removing many of these by aiming to have half or fewer items on the shelves, the desk, and elsewhere is a good plan here. 

Also, don’t ignore the electronic distractions too. It’s no good creating a peaceful home only to be inundated every 30 seconds with email notifications, social media alerts, and YouTube pop-ups about the latest videos. There’s a need to slow down by reducing the occurrence of these notifications or switching your phone to a “Do Not Disturb” mode. 

Adjust Your Approach to Home Lighting 

The level of lighting in the home alters your mood.

While brighter illumination can help to feel more alert, it’s less appropriate for the evenings after a hectic day. At this point, having control over the level and type of lighting can be beneficial.

For brighter rooms, try to get as much natural light as possible. Avoid window treatments that prevent natural light sources from finding their way inside the most populated rooms.

Along with lighter colored walls – white or cream is best – to reflect more light in the living spaces, use adjustable illumination options. Light bulbs can be dimmed or their hue altered to match your requirements. These aren’t overly expensive and can change how the space feels at different times. There are plenty of different lighting options now, including ones that work with a smart home system like Amazon Alexa, to gain greater control. 

Enhance the Seating Arrangements

Seating isn’t something we pay much mind to.

Nevertheless, subconsciously it can enhance our comfort and ease when at home. If the sofa has become tired, or the armchair is slouching, then it’s time to reconsider it. How much padding does your seating need for it to feel right? Is lumbar back support required? Would adding plush cushions or one specially designed one for your back help with that?

Also, any outside backyard furniture including chaise lounges or padded seating should be looked at to see if it’s still up to the task. Has the padding always felt too thin and it’s time to get deeper seating furnishings for greater comfort?

Make Best Use of Closets

comfortable room

Packing away as much as possible reduces what’s on show. 

Storing away items in closets clears the decks, but also later highlights what’s rarely used or no longer required too. Reorganize the closet space and consider using closet organizers to maximize how the use of space. 

When making better use of closets, it offers a more minimalist approach. If you discover that you prefer this, then it may begin a process of focusing on fewer, higher-quality items over many lesser-quality items. 

Creating a more peaceful home is reflected in different aspects. While home changes work well, don’t exclude possible lifestyle changes too. Both can be effective in combination to create the best home for you. 

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