Tissues Vs. Handkerchiefs – Which Is Better for Hygiene?

Winter is knocking at the door, along with the fear of the flu and cold. Due to the cold weather, we started spending more time indoors rather than going outside.

Because of that, the germs get trapped and start spreading from one person to another person. To stop the runny nose, people began using handkerchiefs and tissues. In this situation, many people get confused about what to choose between them.

Tissues or Handkerchiefs

Both of them are basically used to maintaining personal hygiene. You can use handkerchiefs frequently as you can wash it and reuse it again. The handkerchief cannot maintain hygiene properly. Because when you use it once, the virus or germs get attached to that. And if you reuse it, the germs will spread.

On the other hand, you can use fresh tissue every time you need it. Because after using a tissue, you will throw it, so the risk of spreading germs is less. But using tissue is not environment friendly. Because tissues are made from trees, and a huge number of trees should cut down to make tissues. 

It will cause major harm to our environment. Modern technology brings such tissues that can be washable and reusable so that it can’t harm nature. You can check LastTissue review and start using it to maintain your personal hygiene and also protect the environment.

Does Your Skin Need Tissues or Handkerchiefs?

After wiping your sweat or blowing your nose with a tissue, you throw it or dispose of it. So, it can’t spread germs because there is little chance of contact between sweat and your hands. That is why doctors also recommend using tissues.

Another reason why your skin will fall in love with tissues is their pleasing fragrance. It will provide instant freshness to your skin.

On the other side, many people don’t like to use handkerchiefs when they are out for a day long. After patting your sweaty face, immediately, you fold it and put it back in your pocket. So, it does not get the time to dry, and the moisture causes germs that can be harmful.

Using Tissues Instead of Handkerchiefs

Hanky is old-fashioned, so the young generation doesn’t want to use it. Also, it is very unhygienic compared to tissue. After using a hankie, the using area gets wet or already used, and viruses get attached there. When reusing it, you have to touch that wet or used area with your hands and again fold it back in your pocket or bag.

For this reason, germs can spread quickly. Most hygiene concerned people like using tissues because they can just throw this in the trash and wash their hands after using them. So, when needed, they can use another fresh tissue that is how germs cannot spread.

And now, reusable tissues are available in the market. Reusable tissues are designed to save the environment. It is invented to protect the trees from cutting down. People who used handkerchiefs for decades will also feel more hygienic after using these tissues.

Benefits of Using Reusable Tissues

If you are still confused about using hankie or tissue, you can go through these benefits of using a tissue. It will help you so that you can easily make a decision by clearing all your doubts.


The obvious benefit is that now you have the ability to reuse it. You don’t have to waste your money on buying tissue boxes or packages again and again. Reusable tissues can wash up approximately 460 times, so you can use them as much as you want.

Carrying Case

Sometimes, when you keep a pack of tissues in your purse, the plastic package starts to tear, and all the tissues get ruined. And you have to throw the entire pack out before even using them.

Reusable tissues mostly come in a carrying case. You can disinfect or clean it in the dishwasher, and after drying, you can use it.


Most of the reusable tissues come with natural cotton fabric, which is very soft that won’t hurt or irritate your skin. People who have allergy issues also can use these tissues. As they are not harsh and rough and protect your skin from causing an allergic reaction.

Easy to Clean

They are very easy to clean; you don’t have to put much effort. After use, you can clean the reusable tissues by using your hands or washing machine. Once they are clean, dry them out and repackage them in the carrying case, and they are ready to use again.

Save Money

We all need tissues for our everyday life and always need to carry them. Reusable tissues bring this opportunity to save our money as we do not need to buy tissue packs frequently.

More Hygienic

Hygiene is the core concern for every person. These tissues are able to provide you with a neat and clean pack every time, and whenever you need it. As these tissues are made with cotton fabric, they can disinfect easily. You can keep the dirty tissues apart from the clean one, so germs cannot transfer across the other tissues.

Environment Friendly

Using a pack of reusable tissues is much greater than disposable tissues and handkerchiefs for a better environment. One package of reusable tissue can replace thousands of disposable tissues.

If you invest in reusable tissues, you can help nature by cutting back the landfill waste. In addition, you don’t need to worry about waste because they come in 100% biodegradable. So, if you throw it away, it won’t create unnecessary landfill waste.

More Convenient

If you use a handkerchief, you have to wash it after using it for one time; otherwise, it will spread the virus. Reusable tissue provides more than one tissue, so you can always use a clean tissue.

Final Thought

Both products have their own pros and cons. In my opinion, tissues are more hygienic and easier to use. But when it comes to protecting our nature as well as maintaining our hygiene, the best solution is using reusable tissues.

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