6 Things You Should Probably Keep In Climate Controlled Storage

If you want to declutter your living space or are relocating, renting extra storage space for your personal belongings is an excellent idea. 

But, did you know that some items require specific temperatures to be stored in to avoid damage? Chances are you didn’t! For this reason, It’s best to rent a climate-controlled storage unit.

A climate-controlled storage unit allows you to keep your items under steadily maintained temperatures and environmental conditions. These temperatures usually range from fifty-five degrees to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit, and have built-in systems to regulate air quality and moisture content.

Humidity and temperature play a crucial role when talking about the safety of your belongings.  Higher temperatures and higher humidity lead to more moisture. This can cause damage to sensitive items such as electronics, photographs, art, and wood.

Although, anything you place inside a storage unit will benefit from a temperature-controlled environment. However, some items are more susceptible to damage from changing temperature than others. Here’s a short list of these items and why you should place them inside a climate-controlled storage unit. 

Things You Should Keep in Climate Controlled Storage

Antique Wooden And Leather Furniture

Wood will eventually warp, rot, and crack when exposed to high levels of moisture. Additionally, humidity can cause molds to grow and promote pest infestations.

And you obviously wouldn’t want that to happen to any chairs, bed frames, tables, and anything else made out of wood you put in a storage facility, would you?. If you plan to keep them in storage for a long time, it is probably a wise decision to get a climate-controlled storage unit.

Leather is also vulnerable to temperature changes, resulting in cracks developing on the material. It can also discolor and grow molds.

If you have expensive leather items, store them inside a temperature-controlled storage unit. If you live in a place such as Rowlett, Texas, you know how extreme the temperature changes can be. 

Conventional storage units might not be your go-to option. Suppose you want to keep your belongings protected in such an area. In that case, you can search the internet for climate controlled storage Rowlett tx. You will find many choices. However, rent one that fulfills your storage requirements and budget.  


Every household appliance contains mechanical and electronic complements. Damage can occur to these components when temperature changes occur.

Moisture can cause them to rust, rendering them completely useless. This includes everything from TVs to kitchen appliances worth hundreds of dollars. 

If you live in an area that sees temperature changes and increased humidity, opt for a climate controlled storage unit to keep your household appliances protected and secure.

Important Documents 

Paper is essentially wood, and just like furniture, it too can suffer the same fate in poorly designed storage facilities. The best case scenario is obviously to keep a digital record of documents to save space and money.

But for businesses that work with loads of indispensable paperwork should give climate controlled storage units a thought. A stable environment will prevent essential documents from fading and rotting or dissolving because of moisture.

Medical And Pharmaceutical Supplies

If you work in medicine or own a business that manufactures pharmaceutical supplies, climate controlled storages are absolutely essential for you. 

Suppose you have more stock than you can store at your brick and mortar shop. You will need storage to keep your inventory safe and secure. Medicines and medical supplies tend to have a recommended storage temperature mentioned at the back of the product.

It is essential to follow those recommendations to the T to avoid rapid degeneration and inventory loss. Not opting for climate controlled storage will innevabtly cost you thousands of dollars.


Whether it is expensive artwork, a vintage car, a rare bottle of wine, or even antique miniature furniture, vanity items should remain protected from moisture and humidity at all costs! 

You held on to them this long, or paid huge sums of money to acquire them, why comprise their integrity now? Choosing a climate controlled storage unit will guarantee that all your expensive collectible items remain protected from changing temperatures, humidity, and pests.

Musical Instruments 

Musical instruments such as pianos, guitars, and drum kits are expensive and contain pieces of leather, metal, and wood everywhere on their bodies. They are also delicate and require care when handling them.

As mentioned earlier, leather and wood can crack, rot, or warp when exposed to an environment with a lot of humidity and temperature variance. 

Whether you require temporary storage for your musical instruments or a long term one, always go for a climate controlled storage unit. It will ensure that your musical instruments remain protected from changing temperatures and environmental conditions.


If you still haven’t made up your mind to go for a traditional storage facility or a climate controlled one, you should look at where you live. 

Do you live someplace that receives hot summers and cold winters? If so, then don’t think twice and go for the latter. However, if you plan to store any of the items mentioned indefinitely, this shouldn’t even be a matter of choice!

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