Misplaced Your Key? Try These 5 Things

Losing your house key is a frustrating and stressful ordeal that always seems to happen at an inconvenient time. Whether they were lost or stolen, being locked out is a challenging experience for the best of us. Here, you’ll learn what to do when you’ve lost your house keys.

5 Things to Do When Lost Your Key

Look for a Spare

Other than calling a locksmith in Austin, this is the simplest solution to a lockout caused by a lost key. Most homeowners have spare keys hidden somewhere—under a flowerpot, under the doormat, or in another common place. If you don’t have a spare but you’re a renter, consider calling your landlord for help. Alternatively, check with a friend or neighbor, as many people give spare keys to these individuals for safekeeping.

Find a Different Way In

Going through the front door is most families’ primary method of entry, but it’s not the only way to get in. When you come home after a stressful day and find that you don’t have your keys, go around the outside of the house, and check all the windows and doors to see if any are unlocked. However, if they’re all locked, don’t try breaking in—call a locksmith instead.

Circumvent the Door

While you may not have a spare key, and all the doors and windows are locked, there’s still hope. By manipulating a front, side, or back door, you can gain access to your home (and potentially find your lost keys). The most common DIY lock openers include lock pick sets, credit cards, paper clips, and bump keys. Unfortunately, these tools don’t work with all locks, and they require effort, skill, and patience.

Don’t Panic

Though being locked out of your house and losing your keys is stressful, panicking will only make the situation worse. Calm down, take a breath, step back, and assess the situation rationally before making any rash decisions.

Hire a Locksmith

If none of these steps work, it’s time to call a local locksmith. These professionals have the resources and expertise needed to resolve issues related to lost keys. When you need a safe, viable, and efficient way to get into your home, a locksmith is the best person to call.

Bonus Tip #1: Change Your Locks

Losing your keys should always warrant changing the locks. Whether it was a spare key or a master key, changing the locks will keep your home secure and safe. The process will give you a chance to assess your home’s security and upgrade to better locks if necessary.

Bonus Tip #2: Rekey the Locks

If you aren’t ready for the hassle of changing the locks, consider rekeying them instead. The process is done by trained locksmiths, and it involves rearranging and replacing the pins inside the lock cylinder so the lock can’t be opened by an old key.

Bonus Tip #3: Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

If you have a home insurance policy, check if it covers key and locks repairs. These policies reimburse homeowners for the expenses incurred when keys are lost or stolen.

Count on a Locksmith for Fast, Professional, and Affordable Help

When you’ve lost your keys, remember to remain calm and try the solutions we’ve listed here. And, once you’ve gotten into the house and found your keys, take steps to keep the home secure and prevent future problems.

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