10 Things to do at Home During Quarantine

After a long period of COVID-19 crisis, it seems that our social life is slowly getting back to normal. But still, it’s not really quite the same with the old days. 

To keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, we still need to keep social distance and follow some regulations of hygiene. We’re still going to be spending a lot of time at home than usual. 

“I’m bored.” This is probably what most people would yell when they’re stuck at home. Having structure to your day is essential to maintain your mental health.

If you start to feel that boredom creeping in when stuck at home for too long, try to pass your time with productive yet joyful tasks. We have listed some of the things to do at home to keep yourself entertained and being productive. Consider all those items on your “spend time at home” list and tackle those first.

Things to do when stuck at home

Do a home workout


Instead of going out to the gym, there are plenty of exercises you can do and stay fit at home. 

For full-body workouts, you can try yoga, HIIT workouts (high-intensity interval training), cardio and more. If you want to train specific parts, there are exercises focused on the upper body, lower body, core muscles, chest & back, etc. Just check out what we gathered for the best at-home workouts

Start a TV show marathon 

There must be some “must-watch” TV series that we couldn’t touch because of our busy daily life. Now, it is the chance to do it! We can now turn to our screens to “fight” the coronavirus pandemic. 

If you are a Japanese anime fan, it is time to start an iconic Japanese anime marathon that you didn’t have time to watch before. 

You can find many recommended anime online in different genres that can easily be found on streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix. 

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You can choose from those 100 top recommended anime and start your anime marathon. Some of the most iconic anime have a few seasons with a total dozen of episodes such as the famous anime Fate/Stay Night, it can already help you to pass the whole week with enjoyment. 

Tidy the house

kitchen interior design

We might have had a busy life. Some of us might even consider our home only the place for sleep and didn’t have the time and energy to clean it up. 

It is now time to tidy our home where we are spending most of the time at. 

Tidying and deep-cleaning your home will not only remove harmful dirt and germs during this sensitive period, but also make your own space more comfortable. 

Tidy your beauty cabinet

Best makeup brush

If you have been busy putting on makeup and rushing to work everyday like we do, your bathroom shelf must be in a mess with makeup spills, drying mascaras and old lipsticks. 

Since we can now stay at home and let our face rest, let’s reorganise your makeup area and tools. 

If you are ready, first of all clean your makeup brushes. They can be a faff to clean, but dirty makeup brushes are an incredible breeding ground for bacteria. They are one of the very possible reasons that you get rashes and spots on your face even if you do everything right on skin care. 

Take a look at the tools you use to apply your products with. Brushes and your straighteners/ curlers and stuff. Get cleaning those hair tools too.

Learn to cook something new


Spending time cooking is always a fun way to pass your time at home. If you are bored of meal delivery, try to take up a new cookbook or look for new recipes online. You would get even more excited to explore new food that you never tried to cook before and stretch your cooking muscles simultaneously. 

Especially if you are able to cook what you like to eat in restaurants, you will feel absolute achievement. 

Enjoy Reading at a Quiet Spot

You might have some books in mind that you never have the time to read. There are also some books with long series like Games of Thrones and Harry Potter that you even dare not to start. 

It is time to get lost in them! To fully enjoy your reading, you may also want to create a perfect spot for it. 

First of all pick a quiet corner in your place. And then get yourself a comfy chair, good lighting, and a shelf for your books. If you also want some soft soundtracks as background music, place a nice speaker too.

Plant Your Small Garden

Get outside to your yard, and get your hands dirty! Fresh air and a direct connection to nature can help calm your mind, and is good for your health. 

Get the seeds of the plants you like vegetables or flowers, growing your own plants would give you a feel of achievement. You can get a solid harvest if you can do it well.  

Even if you don’t have a garden or a backyard for the ground, you can also have fun with a nice succulent arrangement or some small herb plants in your home. 

Take Up a New Hobby

You can consider trying something new that you always have been interested in. There are a lot of things that you can pass time in the comfort of your home. 

Whether it is cooking, knitting, chess, drawing or calligraphy, it is time to give it a try. First of all, just ask yourself what you would be interested in. 

You can consider picking up the hobby that you are able to express your feeling and creativity. You will feel content to have a way to entertain your soul, and be able to feel yourself with your “me” time. 


If you have been always busy having others accompanied, now is the good time to invest in exploring your inner zen. 

It is said that meditation is an excellent way to keep yourself away from the chaos of life and to always check in with your bad self. 

Learn a language

Learning a new language is always a benefit to your life in many terms from travelling, making new friends to your career path. 

Your proficiency in another language can also let you enjoy new shows or books. If you are a Japanese anime lover like us, you might be willing to learn Japanese in order to enjoy the latest shows without subtitles. 

With the help of the internet, you can easily find some free online resources to learn the beginner level of one language. It is great to check if you are really interested in it before you put in more effort. 

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