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Things to Analyze When Looking for the Best Spa for Men

Historically, spa therapies have been more associated with men than women. Soon, spas for men will again become the norm.

A spa for men may have been unheard of a few years ago. But, that has changed now, and men are regularly seen receiving full spa treatments. They are becoming frequent spa-goers compared to women. 

Why are Men Spas Gaining Popularity?

While most guys enjoy the concept of resting and pampering, only a few will admit it. But now, as the secret is out, a gender-neutral spa environment appeals to both men and women. Previously, most spas were only feminine. 

These days, clean, straight lines and gender-neutral decor have replaced pink flowers and feminine perfumes. The modest but noticeable difference indicates that spas recognize the rise in male clients and cater to them.

What Services Should an Ideal Spa for Men Offer? 

Sports or Deep Tissue Massages

Massages will always be a popular treatment for males because of their evident physical purpose. Sometimes, you may feel a persistent muscular twinge, a more significant pull, or acute stress-pain and tension, which may even keep you awake at night. A good tailored body massage may get to the source of these issues, leaving you relaxed and in control of your body.

“Rougher” massage treatment is said to be more relaxing, but sometimes the reverse is worth considering. Soft music and dim lighting are often used to induce a more receptive state. A footbath or short aromatherapy treatment can help you further enhance the experience of a massage.

Saunas/Steam room

What could be more luxurious than a steamy room with steam swirling from all directions?

The novel sensations that heat therapy delivers appeal to newcomers and allow deep cleansing and detoxification. Heat therapy, like massage, is used to relieve muscle tension from sports, exercise, or bad posture.  It also increases the effectiveness of the massage.

Thalassotherapy and Hydromassage

Men’s thalassotherapy and hydromassage treatments can be intensely enjoyable and offer many health benefits. Active and soothing, these water-based therapies use high-pressure underwater aqua-jets to blast your body, open pores, tone your skin, and increase circulation. You can find these treatments at a top spa for men. 

Tips for Men When Looking for a Spa

men spa salon

It can be intimidating for first-time spa-goers. Many guys refuse to go because they are unaware of the etiquette — the dos and don’ts. 

Don’t be shy, and have grace. Let the personnel know you’re new, and they’ll be pleased to answer any queries or give you a more detailed explanation. A spa exposes a lot of skin, but you can always undress to your comfort level for a massage or body treatment. 

Review the spa online to get a feel for the location and services. Most spas for men post a detailed description of their services and policies online. This allows you to plan ahead of time, book treatments before you go in, and review all spa treatments and their benefits without feeling rushed.

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