The Tricks to Nailing the “Scam” Makeup Look

There’s no denying that makeup is transformative. It can create the illusion of smoother skin. Likewise, it can enhance the look of your features. But, these days, a lot of creative people are using makeup as a tool to transform into somebody else.

A popular YouTuber, Promise Phan has transformed from woman to man, to a doll, and even animated movie characters with makeup. And, not too long ago, her artistic style of makeup application became a global trend. People called it “scam makeup.” Makeup enthusiasts showed how they could morph into a completely different person with makeup and a few ingenious tools.

Indeed, there’s no shortage of look possibilities with makeup. If you are interested in exploring all the fantastic things that you can do with this medium, there are advanced makeup courses you can take. You will learn all the tricks behind the trends, as well as the time-tested techniques you can use to establish yourself as a professional makeup artist.

But, if you want to try your hand at transformative makeup looks now, here are a few tips and tricks to learn.

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It’s All About the Base

Create a flawless canvas first. Use both foundation and concealer for a completely even skin tone free of blemishes. For full coverage, it’s best to use a kabuki brush for application and buff out the product. 

Afterward, set everything with powder applied by a velour puff. This will create a satiny finish for your base.

Emphasize High and Lows

Enhance the high points and hollows of the face using a contour palette. Apply highlighter and contour powder with a brush.

If you wish to alter the shape of your face, pack on the contour powder on the outer perimeters of your face. Blend inwards using a brush to soften the jaws, emphasize the hollows beneath the cheekbones, and make the forehead narrower.

Meanwhile, create the illusion of a higher nose by lightly sweeping highlighter on the bridge and tip of the nose. You can also apply a bit of highlighter on the base of your nostrils, Cupid’s bow, chin, and the tops of your cheekbones.

makeup look

Shape Your Eyes with Dark Matte Shadows

When it comes to shaping the eyes – either making them bigger, wider, or deeper set, make sure to use dark matte shadows like charcoal black, brown, or blue, or dark taupe. 

Even if you will be applying more vibrant colors, later on, use these deep colors to draw the shape that you want. Dark eye shadows are perfect for clearly defining your natural or new eye shape. Don’t bother blending yet, at this point. You diffuse these shadows after applying your pop of eye color.

Use Highlight for Your Undereye Bags

Drawing attention to your eyebags is not something that you would typically do for a makeup look. However, if you want to achieve a doll-like shape for your eyes, this is the trick to master. Place the highlight in the inner corner of your eyes and extend slightly on the eyebags and stop under where your eyeball is located.

After this, drag your dark eye contour color to the edge of your eyes and meet it where the highlighted eyebags end.

Open Your Eyes with Fluttery Lashes

Lashes can make your eyes seem bigger than they are, and placement is key. For doll-like shaped eyes, make sure to apply fake lower lashes right where you applied the undereye contour. This trick will really open your eyes.

As for the upper lashes, curl them before applying mascara. Also, darken the line where the lashes are attached with liquid liner for more definition.

Line Those Lips

For some time, lip liner was just used to prevent lipstick from feathering out around the edges, but lip liner is back with its original purpose – create a defined lip line. Overlining is the trend for a transformative makeup look. 

You can use stencils to achieve the shape you want for your lips with the help of a lip liner. After drawing your lips fill it with color all the way to the drawn line. And, do not forget to create dimension for your puckers by applying shimmery powder on the fleshy center of your lips.

So, those are the fundamental steps for transformative makeup. If you want further enhancements, you can use face tape, which works as an instant facelift. It can make your face look slimmer and tighter. Also, it can alter the slant of your eyes.

A lot of women also like to use circle lenses, not just to change the color of their eyes, but also to make the irises bigger and more cartoon-like or gyaru.

Clearly, the techniques for transformative or scam makeup trend are not necessarily for everyday makeup looks. However, if you want to fancy things up every now and then, you can incorporate one or two of the tricks shared here for a more interesting MOTD.

Remember, makeup is fun. Explore its many potentials, after all, you can wash it all off at the end of the day.

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