The O-Shot: What Is It and What to Expect?

Female sexual dysfunction, or FSD, is a condition that can affect women of any age but tends to increase in frequency as a woman ages or has children. Symptoms of this problem can include problems with sexual response or arousal. It may even diminish a person’s desire or ability to achieve orgasm. Some women may even find intimacy painful. Fortunately, the O-shot may help with this issue.  

What is the O-Shot?

Many women have been finding success with this new treatment. The o shot treatment is a non-surgical strategy used to help alleviate some of the issues with FSD. This treatment is an injection of platelet-rich plasma that helps to increase circulation and repair tissue in the vaginal area.

Platelet-rich plasma has been used for a variety of other injuries and health conditions. It has been used successfully and extensively to treat sports injuries and has also shown success in treating hair loss and promoting healing after surgery.

What are the Sexual Benefits?

The O-shot has proven to provide women with improved vaginal sensation and sexual function. Some of the sexual benefits that have been reported include increased sexual desire and arousal. Women also report an improvement in lubrication during intercourse. The benefit most talked about, however, is the stronger and more frequent orgasms women are experiencing after treatment.

What are the Other Benefits?

The platelet-rich plasma promotes healing and proper circulation in the vaginal area. This is what provides the sexual benefits many women have experienced. However, the healing and improved circulation has also given women other benefits that help them enjoy their lives.

Women who have faced issues with urinary incontinence have seen improvements after treatment with the O-shot. Those with chronic pain from childbirth or other conditions have also seen relief. There are even results that suggest the O-shot may be a treatment option for lichen sclerosis and lichen planus.

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What to Expect During the Procedure

First, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area. While this is taking effect, blood will be drawn from the patient’s arm so it can be used to create the PRP solution for the treatment. Once the solution is prepared and the vaginal area is numb, the solution will be injected into the area.

Patients often receive between two and four injections during the procedure. Patients may feel some pinching or cramping around the injection area but are able to return to normal activity after the procedure. Results are often noticed within about three weeks of the procedure.

What are the Side Effects?

This procedure is very safe due to the fact that it is a sterile procedure that uses only the patient’s own blood. There are no foreign substances introduced, so it is very unlikely there will be a reaction to the treatment. Most patients experience 48 hours of tenderness and swelling at the injection sites. Some women also have some light spotting and cramping after the procedure.

Other potential side effects can include continuous sexual arousal, arousal with urination, or even spontaneous orgasms. Vaginal sensitivity is also a possible side effect of this procedure. Some other reported side effects include bruising, dermatitis, infections, numbness, pain, and scar tissue.

This treatment, however, is only for individuals who experience FSD due to physical or hormonal issues. It is important for all individuals considering this treatment to discuss their options with their primary care provider.

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