The (Not So) Joys of Winter

Winter is coming and it is at this time of year when you can expect icy conditions, talk of Christmas and, of course, Game of Thrones references…

There are many great things about winter, Christmas certainly being one, as well as New Year celebrations, snow and hot chocolate. However, for every good thing about the season, there is, unfortunately, something not so good. From icy roads to winter blues and common household defects, winter can be a tough time.

4 not so joyous things about winter

Budgeting for Christmas

Christmas is a fantastic time of year, but budgeting for it really isn’t. As brilliant as it is to see all your loved ones, exchange presents and feast on food, the reality is that the money to afford all that has to come from somewhere.

The run-up to Christmas usually involved tightening of belts to put money away for the festive period, especially if you have kids eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa.

Presents can cost a lot of money as, too, can the food and decorations. Not to mention the additional energy costs, especially if your household is decorated with beautiful shining lights. 

Traffic Coming to a Standstill

Snow is one of the signs of winter that many people look forward to, with images of a Dickensian white Christmas immediately springing to mind.

However, as attractive as a pure white blanket of snow may seem, underneath that is a sheet of ice that makes walking, cycling and/or driving on it safely nigh-on impossible. As a result, your daily commute takes a lot longer than it usually does, with roads closed because of accidents.

As well as traffic moving slowly due to increased accidents on the road, another cause for slow-moving traffic are vehicles breaking down due to icy conditions.

Without the proper care, cars are susceptible to breaking down especially if the vehicle’s anti-freeze is not kept topped up. Drivers should ensure to keep essentials such as warm clothing, bottles of water, emergency food supplies and tools (such as a torch) in the vehicle.

Damp in The Home

One of the most irritating parts of winter is the emergence of damp in the home due to the increased moisture levels in the air.

As well as condensation, the most common form of damp, other forms of damp include penetrating damp (such leaks from the roof and/or plumbing), wet rot, dry rot and woodworm.

Make sure to check the property for signs of woodworm and rot, as these are the forms of damp most likely to creep up on you.

Woodworm will feed on wooden surfaces, such as timber, with increased levels of moisture, while wet and dry rot are likely to form in humid areas of the home with little to no ventilation (i.e. lofts and basements).

Damp proofing systems, such as dehumidifiers and other more complex methods may be needed.

Winter Bugs

Every winter, coughs and sneezes go around and no matter what steps you take to avoid the dreaded winter bugs, you just cannot seem to avoid them.

Runny noses, colds and flues plague the colder seasons – especially children, who seemingly catch everything at schools and nurseries.

While winter more than has its fair share of delights, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to spring.

Warmer weather, brighter evenings and better travel conditions all lie in wait on the other side but, until then, get your big coat on and brace yourself for a freezing winter.

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