The 9 Best Tea For Headaches

In this modern world of science and medicines, we still try to look for natural remedies to cure our ailments. We prefer everything coming from the roots with lesser or zero side effects.

At some point or another, headache or mild migraine can afflict everyone. Vascular, tension, inflammatory, and traction are common types of headaches. Usually, the cause of headaches includes stress, lack of sleep, and physical exhaustion or emotional stress. You can have symptoms like high blood pressure, eye strain, low blood sugar, tension, stress, nausea, vomiting, to name a few.

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Go Natural with Tea

It is always a better way to incorporate herbs and natural foods to prevent and cure headaches. Tea is a great drink that can go beyond just hydration. Different types of teas are used for thousands of years for medications. It helps to relieve the pain you are going through.

Tea has an energizing effect, and so a warm cup of tea could relieve you from headaches. So here are our nine best soothing and refreshing teas that we picked for you to incorporate in your daily routine to cure headaches.

Tea for tension headaches: Green Tea

Green tea is used to prepare medicines for many centuries. They get farmed and then heated and dried to avoid oxidation. 

Green tea is a soothing hot beverage that helps to treat headaches. A nice cup of green tea can reduce inflammation and heal your ache. It contains less caffeine than coffee or black tea, which is the best thing.

  • How to use:
    •  Add one teaspoon of tea leaves to one cup of water and simmer for 5-7 minutes. Strain the tea leaves and add honey if you wish. 
  • If you are using a green tea bag, then add it to a hot cup of water and steep for 5minutes. Do not add milk in your green tea.

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Tea for headaches caused by stress or poor diet: Peppermint Tea

We have already read the symptoms and came to know that nausea is one of the symptoms of headaches. Yes, this flavorful cup of herbal tea can reduce nausea. Peppermint tea contains methanol, which is a great source to reduce the effect of nausea. 

Again, it is also helpful in relaxing nerves and muscle seizures in the gut. The gut holds dominance on the brain, making peppermint tea suitable to ease the pain.

It also helps in digestion which is useful during a migraine. Moreover, a cup of peppermint tea can relieve your headache without causing any side effects. Try to buy tea with natural peppermint and not artificial flavorings to get the benefit.

  • How to use: Take two cups of water and let it boil. Add a teaspoon of peppermint tea in the boiling water, or you can also add 15 to 20 fresh leaves. Steep for 5 minutes and strain the leaves. You can also chew it if you want. Your cup of peppermint tea is ready to serve.

Tea for migraines headaches: Clove Tea

Clove tea has one of the most significant antinociceptive herbs to reduce or block pain perception used for centuries. It eases the headaches and helps to reduce and obstruct the perception of aches.

  • How to use: If you want to have it, take a teaspoon of ground cloves in a cup of boiling water. Allow it to rest for about 10 minutes. Then you can strain the water from the cloves residue and drink.

Tea for chronic headaches: Willow Bark Tea

Willow Bark tea is good to cure headaches. It is often called natural aspirin. Its active ingredient salicin is identical in benefits to aspirins.

It is not advisable for pregnant women or nursing mothers and young children. They should stay away from willow bark tea. Also, some might find it stronger than other teas available in the market.

  • How to use: Take a bowl and add two teaspoons of ground willow bark in 230 ml of water. Leave it to simmer for 10 minutes on the stovetop. Follow it by steeping 30 minutes on the countertop. Strain it and drink.

Tea for headaches caused by anxiety, stress: Lavender Tea

Lavender is very helpful to relax our mind and body. Take a sip of lavender tea to relax, calm your mind and fall asleep.

Do you know the best thing? You can either buy a pack of lavender tea or simply use fresh and dried blossoms to make your cup of lavender tea.

  • How to use: To make lavender tea, add 15gm of dried lavender blossoms in one-liter water. Let it simmer for a few minutes. Then strain it in your cup and enjoy the herbal tea.

Tea for headaches caused by insomnia and anxiety: Chamomile Tea

The most beneficial herbal tea of the lot is Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is actually chamomile flowers and like any tea. This tea contains properties to provide relaxation to the body by inducing sleep. 

Take a cup of chamomile tea to alleviate anxiety. It has tension-reducing effects that make it fit to treat headaches. Those who are suffering from migraines or severe headaches can consume one or two cups of this herbal tea to block the return of migraines.

  • How to use: Add two spoons of chamomile tea to one cup of water. Let it simmer for around 5 minutes and drink. You can also add honey to get a sweet taste.

Note that people suffering from ragweed allergy may face discomfort from chamomile consumption. Also if you are taking any blood-thinner, then you should definitely consult your doctor before taking this tea.

Tea for migraines headaches: Feverfew Tea

Feverfew tea can treat and prevent the onset of migraines. But there are a few restrictions on the consumption of this herbal tea. 

Pregnant women should avoid its consumption. It can result in miscarriage. Furthermore, people with mouth irritation must minimize the concentration by adding more water to the feverfew tea bag.

  • How to use: Add a bag of feverfew tea in hot water and steep for around 5 minutes. Strain it and drink the tea warm.

Tea for headaches caused by coldness, period : Ginger Tea

Take a cup of ginger tea to lessen the feeling of nausea and vomiting. Remember, nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of headaches. Ginger is a natural culinary spice containing gingerol, which acts as anti-inflammatory properties.

Gingerol is very beneficial to cure headaches. Moreover, it helps to improve the flow of blood to the brain and relax the nerve.

Ginger tea is made from ginger roots. Make sure to simmer the tea for a long time while making it. You can easily get this tea from the local food store.

  • How to use: To make a cup of ginger tea, you can use ginger tea bags or freshly sliced ginger.
  • Take a little more than a cup of warm water. Add a ginger tea bag and let it simmer for 5 minutes. You can simmer for long, but it may get extra strong. Pour the tea in a cup, and it’s ready.
  • There is another way to make ginger tea. Take a one-inch ginger slice for one cup of water. Heat the mixture in a saucepan. 

Lower the heat to give a gentle simmer for 5 minutes. Strain the drink in a cup. You can also add maple syrup or honey to sweeten.

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Tea for headaches caused by coldness : Mint Tea

Mint tea is an excellent beverage to alleviate migraines and coldness. It has antioxidant properties, which help to cure headaches.

  • How to use: Take a cup of water in a bowl and bring it to gentle boiling. Then add mint leaves and cover with a lid. Keep it like that for 10 minutes for the water to absorb the flavor. Strain in your favorite cup and relish your mint tea.

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These teas are readily available in the market, and also you can use fresh leaves. All these teas can at least give you some relieves from headaches and migraine if not take away the problem. 

Remember to take the natural way to cure pain. Too much of medicines are not always suitable for health. It may cause side effects. So sip a cup of any of these herbal teas and relax.

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