Thanksgiving: What to Wear to Keep You Fashionable and Comfortable

Every year we look forward to mom’s famous turkey and stuffing that’s been a family recipe for generations or the best pumpkin pie made with so much love by our sweet grandmother. Along with the best food of the year, we look forward to spending the time with our family and friends gathered around the dinner table and catching up. While some families spend the holiday in the most casual way possible — watching football in their team jerseys, others prefer to dress a little more formally to match the ambiance of the elegant table setting that mom’s worked so hard to set up. Whether you’re casual, formal, or in between, here are a few outfit ideas to keep you comfortable no matter how much you eat. 

Fashionable Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving


Does your family celebrate the holiday as casually and as stress-free as possible? If that’s the case, you don’t need to spend much time trying to put an outfit together. Wearing something festive such as a thanksgiving themed sweater or shirt with a pair of jeans is a great way to show up in some holiday cheer. If you’re celebrating the holiday in a colder climate, a sweatsuit in fall colors such as browns, tans, and even orange is the perfect subtle touch to a casual outfit. Pair it with a trendy pair of sneakers and you’ve got yourself the comfiest outfit for Thanksgiving. Whether you’re lounging on the couch with cousins and uncles or going back for seconds and thirds, nothing beats a good pair of sweatpants for a casual gathering at home. 


Some families love pulling all the stops for this day. From the silver flatware to the china, this is the one day of the year where you can show up and dress to impress the entire family. If this sounds like you, a good suit and tie are a must. However, if you intend to eat until you’re stuffed, trousers aren’t always the comfiest, especially if you’ve got to let out a button or two. The secret is to wear a pair that is a size up at the waist. A dinner jacket can always hide a stuffed belly so make sure you wear one that’s lightweight and not too hot so that you can wear it throughout the dinner without being uncomfortable. 


Some families enjoy the dressier attire for dinner without it being too formal. If this sounds more like you and your family, think of it as a casual Friday at the office. A good pair of jeans with a statement belt such as a rope belt, a polo or button-up shirt, and comfortable pair of dress shoes is the perfect combination of dressy and comfortable. If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in a cold climate, you could wear a pair of Khakis with a nice button-down or turtleneck, and a sports jacket. 

If this is your first time celebrating Thanksgiving with another family such as a significant other’s parents, be sure to ask ahead of time what to wear so that you dress appropriately.

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