6 Things To Know If You’re Considering To Become A Hypnotherapist


Many people have always misunderstood the concept surrounding hypnosis. For some, hypnosis is a form of trickery in which a person can put another person into sleep or influence them to do certain actions and commands through the use of magic words. After all, you can’t blame these people as the media has portrayed hypnosis … Read more

8 Ways to Maintain Mental Health at Home

healthy lifetsyle

Now, more than ever, it’s important to make more of an effort to safeguard our positive mental health. With people across the world being locked down in the face of the pandemic, people’s mental health has deteriorated exponentially. Luckily, if you’re feeling the claws of depression creeping up on you, there are things you can do to throw yourself … Read more

Stress in Advancing Age – Reasons and Tips

How Stress affect body

Worrying has become a part of everyday life. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, stress is likely to cross paths with you. The tension could be of anything; your homework, job, family issues, or financial crisis.  If you’re overthinking, it transforms into stress and depression. People with old age tend to experience this often. … Read more

Rechannelling Your Life after Your Depression Treatment

Mental health problems like depression have long been overshadowed by almost every physical ailment. The truth remains that people would rather talk about heart disease and various debilitating physical conditions than mental health. Depression is one of the prevalent mental health conditions in Australia. Statistics indicate that 1 in every 6 Australian suffers from depression. … Read more

Meditation Garden: A New Must-Have Feature for Your Outdoor Space


Without a doubt, the lawn is a great place for meditating and practicing yoga. With nature and fresh air surrounding you, you won’t have any difficulty experiencing peace and calm as you work on your poses and breathing techniques and enjoy the health benefits they offer. However, you can still elevate your outdoor space and … Read more

What is Indica Strain? Best ones for a Good Sleep

cannabis strain

The uses of marijuana has been a huge discussion around the world. It is getting more positively recognized and more studies about different marijuana strains such as Indica strains and Sativa strains have been going through. Marijuana has been consumed by cultures as early as 500 AD. It has been used as a medicine, due … Read more

How to Embrace Yourself and Love Who You Are

embrace yourself

Have you ever been told you’re not perfect? Have you ever been criticized? There’s a lot of us. When we’re made to feel uncomfortable in who we are, it never feels good. We tend to think that embracing and loving ourselves is too hard for us, or something that’s one and done. For those who … Read more