How to Clean and Protect Marble Top Dining Table and Chairs?

Marble table

When all is said and done, just about everyone wants a certain touch of luxury and sophistication in their home – at least for those special occasions when there’s a big family gathering, or you’re hosting an important and formal event such as a wedding reception. Out of all the different items of furniture that can really … Read more

Eclectic World Style: How to Add Metropolitan Charm to Your Living Room

Home wow factors

When you think of creating a cosmopolitan vibe in the house, the easiest ideas to do so often end up with fridge magnets and mugs. However, thinking a little beyond the conventional can work wonders to the entire look of your haven with things like carpets, stones and shells, metallic plates, pottery, etc. These items … Read more

7 Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

House cleaning for busy moms

If you’re wondering about cleaning tips for busy moms, this post will give you some great ideas.  Read on to learn more! Related: HOW TO PROPERLY CLEAN AFTER A HOUSEHOLD ILLNESS Moms Are Busy! You are always running around the house cleaning up after them, cooking for them, even parenting them when dad isn’t around, … Read more