Diet and Dietitians: Crash Dieting or Professional Help?

Healthy diet dietitian

The world of social media has brought about the rise of ineffective diets. Plant-based, no carbs, intermittent fasting, deep cleansing program, and the list goes on. These diet plans are packaged and sold to please the aesthetics and to get an easy way to a healthy lifestyle.  However, anyone who has tried and tested several … Read more

An Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Keto Diet

Keto diet

The ketogenic or a keto diet is a diet that includes high-fat and low-carb. This diet has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Although it includes animal products, such as fish, meat, as well as poultry, vegetarians can adopt this as well. A vegetarian keto diet is very much possible. Keto-friendly foods have gained such popularity … Read more

The Ultimate Guide For GLUTEN-FREE Diet


Most people believe that the simplest and quickest way to lose weight is by starting a gluten-free diet. Eating a 100% gluten-free diet is beneficial for people with wheat allergy, gluten sensitivity, intolerant to gluten, and a way of managing celiac disease. A gluten-free diet involves excluding foods containing the protein gluten, including barley, wheat, and rye.