Is Cerave Cruelty-free? And It’s Best Products

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Cerave is a widely popular brand. It uses vegan products, but some of the other products go through testing on animals. This is because some countries have laws that make it essential to conduct these kinds of tests. Hence, Cerave is not completely cruelty-free. Cerave is a company that mainly specializes in skin conditions like eczema, acne, and … Read more

Is Allies Of Skin Cruelty-Free? 2020 Update & Its Best Products

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Certainly, all of us want to look beautiful, but are you doing it at the cost of a life? Well, if that’s so, it’s time that you switch to cruelty-free cosmetics. These cruelty-free beauty products will not just give you the look that you have been craving for, but at the same time, it will … Read more

Is BareMinerals Cruelty-Free? Find out the Answer & Its Best products


Consumers all over the world are becoming more and more conscious of the products that they use. Topics such as sensitivity on the cruelty of animals, use of organic compounds have become very popular. Brands across the world are making it a point to address these issues to stay relevant and appeal to their customers … Read more

Is Laura Mercier Cruelty-Free? 2021 Update & Its Best Products

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If you have been a true makeup lover, the chances are that you must have heard about Laura Mercier before as well. Laura Mercier is one of the most popular makeup and skincare brands. Is Laura Mercier Cruelty-Free? There is a grey answer for this question: Yes, and also No. It claimed that it does … Read more

10 Best Cruelty-Free Korean Beauty brands and Products

10 Best Cruelty-Free Korean Beauty brands and Products

The arrival of Korean beauty products has got every woman across the world excited. From BB creams to glass skin, snail mucin creams, or the renowned Korean skincare routine – everyone’s beauty vocabulary is entrenched with the magic of K Beauty. However, for the uninitiated customers who are new to navigating the wide spectrum of … Read more

Mario Badescu: The Cruelty Free Skincare Line

In today’s date and generation, makeup is not just something for the entertainment of women. It is turned to a well functioned and successful business path where millions of people love to invest their hard-earned money for basic skin care. Skincare which used to be a simpler term with basic home remedies is now a … Read more