Is Cerave Cruelty-free? And It’s Best Products

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Cerave is a widely popular brand. It uses vegan products, but some of the other products go through testing on animals. This is because some countries have laws that make it essential to conduct these kinds of tests. Hence, Cerave is not completely cruelty-free. Cerave is a company that mainly specializes in skin conditions like eczema, acne, and … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Turkey Neck? 10 Best Cream For Neck Wrinkles

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Nowadays, we take extra care of our face and body but often overlook the adjoining area, which is the neckline. The skin of our neck is thin and sensitive and can lose its elasticity sooner than the rest of our body parts. That’s why we end up getting those unwanted necklines and neck wrinkles even … Read more

10 Best Sunscreen Sprays To Protect Your Skin

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Sunscreens are available in several formulations in the market – creams, lotions, sunscreen sprays, powders, roll-ons to mention a few, lotions, and sprays being the most popular. Sunscreen spray vs sunscreen lotion, which is better for use?  Related Article: Sunburn Remedies: 10 Best Products To Relief Your Sunburn Spray Sunscreens have the advantage of the … Read more

Sunburn Remedies: 10 Best Products To Relief Your Sunburn

As a part of our busy lives, all of us step outdoors very often. Due to greater exposure to the sun, our skin gets affected with sunburns. To get rid of these sunburns, there are certain processes that we must follow to treat sunburns which are listed as follows: Splash water on your face or … Read more

10 Best Hair Perfumes For Women In 2020

Haircare is an important aspect of every person’s wellness regime. Good, healthy hair gives a refreshing look and also enhances confidence. Our busy and fast lives expose us to a lot of dust and sweat, which makes the hair stink. Hair perfumes are an easy and portable answer to this problem. Its beautiful fragrance makes … Read more

10 Best Facial Cleansing Brushes For Glowing Skin

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You do too much to your skin. From loading it with creams, makeup products, exposing it to sun rays to subjecting it to oil, environmental pollutants, and sweat, your skin faces it all. When your skin suffers through these many things, it deserves to be taken care of as well. So, the first question that … Read more

Smell Fresh All Day! 10 Best Perfumes For Women 2020

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Perfume shopping has never been easier for anyone, particularly for the women. With so many brands available in the market – all in cute bottles, dream-like ads and incredible scents, it’s really tough to make a choice! Depending on whether you prefer a light scent, or a heavy oriental tone, you should be making the … Read more

Mineral Makeup Unmasked: 4 Reasons to Make the Switch


Mineral makeup has been around in its modern form since the mid-1970s, but the mystique surrounding it has persisted throughout the years. Many cosmetics users may have already heard about mineral makeup, but they aren’t particularly aware of what makes it any different from the “regular” cosmetics that they already use daily. What we can … Read more

10 Best Cruelty-Free Korean Beauty brands and Products

10 Best Cruelty-Free Korean Beauty brands and Products

The arrival of Korean beauty products has got every woman across the world excited. From BB creams to glass skin, snail mucin creams, or the renowned Korean skincare routine – everyone’s beauty vocabulary is entrenched with the magic of K Beauty. However, for the uninitiated customers who are new to navigating the wide spectrum of … Read more