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4 Summer Hair Trend in 2020

Time to start the summer with a brand new hairstyle!

Usually people would just like a ponytail for summer simply because it is easy and can keep your neck cool. But sometimes isn’t it fun to step outside of the comfort zone? Maybe it is time to refresh yourself with a new look after the quarantine period.

Queenstostyle have rounded up the best summer hairstyles. Here we will explain how it is done and the damage it may do to your hair.

4 Summer Trending Hairstyles


Are these still in? For all of you who don’t know Kanekalones are those colourful braids. They come in extensions, however the extension will have no tape or clip.

It’s more of like many strands of pieces of hair. These are meant to be attached to your own hair with an elastic hair band. Once it is attached and secures one can start braiding a normal French or Dutch braid as if they were braiding on their natural hair. Usually it is commonly styled in a Dutch braid.  One can do cornrows, Simple two Dutch braids or even you can braid just the crown area and leave the rest of the hair styled down as curled or straight or even you can put it in a ponytail.

Besides of giving your hair an extra look, these also help with volume and length. We remember they were much more popular last year, however you still find people who were these especially in concerts.

We personally think they are very healthy for summer, as in a way these can protect your hair. They keep your mind off of what you’re doing next to your hair, leaving your hair on a healthy break. 

They require no damage to the hair, but the only problem one may find is that, if you wear them often enough you may have trouble with your hairline.

Since they are worn tightly the hairline can move a bit backwards for you. Especially if you sleep in it using hair products such as gel or mousse. This will not happen on the first week of course, but you will notice the difference along the way if you do it often enough. Therefore let your hairline rest for a bit every now and then.

The Lob Haircut

Yeah, it is still going on for those people who need a really good haircut. The Lob Haircut is still stylish especially with some highlights or balayage.

It is not as common to hear someone say “I’m craving for a lob” anymore, because it has been going on for more than three years now. It does not mean that it is out of style. Lob is definitely in style and how. However it is not as craved as it used to be.

Now it is summer, longer hair, waves and braids are more comfortable and in style. Nevertheless if your hair is damaged a lot and need a short cut, definitely go for a lovely lob.  Moreover if you are just craving a change, go for a medium cut but longer on the front – kind of a lob but longer version. Style it with some waves and you are a new person.

Grey Hair Or Pastel Pink? 

Definitely pastel pink. 

Grey hair has faded a bit and after this quarantine women wanted to do something extra to their hair, before you know it everyone was turning pink.

However not just pink, pastel pink which is even better. We love pastel colours here they make a great appearance. And you can dye your hair any kind of pastel colour you want it does not have to be pink. Yes most women are going pink but all of the pastel colours are in actually, it happens to be that pink is the most liked.

Moreover, all pastel are damaging especially if you have red or orange in your hair or you are a natural brunette. To achieve pastel colours you have to have absolute white hair and that means a lot of bleaching has to be done. To make ourselves clear, even blonde people have to bleach their hair.

Therefore if you decide to take this step make sure to take really good care of your hair. Meaning frequent trimming, and treating it very often, at least once a week with a good treatment that works well on your hair.

Another good idea to maintain this hair look would be a colour conditioner. Pastel colours fade quicker then vibrant ones. Therefore whenever you see it fading you can wash your hair with shampoo and have a pastel pink conditioner to boost your color longer.

This does not mean that you can stop going to your hair stylist, no – your roots will still be growing and you need to touch up that for sure .  If you would not like to get your hair bleached you can always try buying a wig or extension, your call.



Definitely! If you have natural curls or waves, this is your time.

Flaunt those curls! Summer is all about being natural. Get yourself some mousse or gel or hair cream and boost those curls up.

They are so in right now.If you happen to have straight hair and would like curls, our advice is to either sleep in braids or get a light perm. 

Now most of you get a fright when you hear the word perm, don’t worry you will not look like you mum from the 80’s. 

A light perm will only get you a wave, if you explain to you stylist, they will know what to do. It only depends on the size of the rod which you will be able to see. The smaller the rod the tighter the curl.

This can be a bit damaging but again that is why you shall go for a light perm, so it will be easy on the hair and also when it start growing out, your roots can blend in.

Having a good treatment and giving it occasional trims will help it stay healthy. In this case braids are the healthier option, but it is not always the case, that is why you shall consult your hair stylist first.  If you are trying out the braid option, remember the tighter the braid the tighter the curl.

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