Top Tips For a Stress-free Move, Near or Far

When you’re getting ready for a move, you want to be excited, not stressed. But many people planning for this type of life event don’t even know where to begin. Without the right guidance, it can seem like a fairly overwhelming task.

Whether your destination is close or very far away, our curated best tips and tricks will help you get move-ready in no time—without the unnecessary stress you may have heard others go through. That doesn’t have to be you. You can be on top of your next move! 


3 Tips for Moving at Ease

Get Organized for Future You

Stated by Plano movers, one of the most important and helpful steps you can do for yourself is getting organized before your move. It’ll save you time, money, energy, and frustration. Start by minimizing clutter. You may have to get rid of some old shoes and knick-knacks for this one. 

When you’re making piles for boxes, label each container with “keep,” “donate,” “sell,” and “garbage,” respectively. 

The things that make the cut for the “keep” group should really be valuables (monetarily or sentimentally) or those items you use regularly. Find something while packing that you haven’t used in over a year? It’s probably safe to toss it. 

You can also cut back on waste by donating or selling those rarely used items. 

When you donate, there’s an added benefit—that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you’re doing something good for your neighbors in the community—but keep in mind, many places that take donations will only accept things that are at least somewhat in style and/or season, and are also in good condition. If something is stained or torn beyond repair, it should be bound for the trash. 

On the other hand, you could pocket some extra cash for those items in decent condition. If you’re making a long-distance move, selling your less important items could cover the costs of hotel stays, plane tickets, or gas for the moving truck. .

Let’s discuss categorization. We’re going more into the nitty-gritty here, but if you heed this advice, you’re less likely to experience stress you don’t deserve.. This is about more than the groupings mentioned earlier. This is the next stage of labeling. So—to take the box labeling one step further—get out a thick marker and scrawl large, easy-to-read lettering. Detail the basics of what will happen with the contents of that container once you arrive at your new home. 

For instance, you might write “kitchen stuff” or “bathroom supplies”—it’s easy to neglect, but you’ll be glad you did it. Try to figure out, as accurately as you can, which room each box will go to. Aim to keep related items together to avoid a searching frenzy later.

Start the Process Ahead of Time

Never wait until the last minute with a move—especially a long-distance move—unless you have no choice in the matter.. Make plans as far in advance as possible and cut down on potential stress.

No one wants to wake up on moving day only to realize they’re not ready—that’s a recipe for an anxiety attack. If you plan ahead, you’ll be able to sit up in bed feeling relaxed and prepared for the day.

Remember, you want to be able to look forward to your move. Dread shouldn’t be part of that equation..

Another thing about timing: make sure you have an idea of what your timeline will look like and what tasks need to be done  to give you a stress-free moving day. Choose a date, mark it on your calendar, and strategize the in-between accordingly. 

In order to make sure you’re staying on top of your plans, create a to-do list. To make it comprehensive, include any supplies you will need, as well as your favorite picks for moving companies—you’ll be getting quotes and other information from these experts. Weed out options by calling and comparing pricing, reviews, availability, and policies. Then, write down the serious candidates.

Discovering You May Need Help with Your Move

Speaking of movers, if you really want to cut down on stress, think about enlisting professional help.

While you might have friends and family willing to help you pack or carry some lighter objects in exchange for a coffee date or lunch, this might not be the most practical option— especially if you’re moving long-distance, you all have smaller cars, or you’re transporting lots of breakables.

Seasoned, reputable movers will get your things from place to place in a timely, friendly, safe, secure, and stress-free manner.

Take a load off by hiring these guys—odds are, you’ll find it’s well worth it when you and your friends didn’t have to go it alone. This way, you can feel free to enjoy your move and get excited about your new destination!

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