When And How Did Sportswear Start Defining Fashion Choices?

At present, the world’s most valuable clothing brand is the sportswear giant Nike. With shifting trends and the increasing preference of sneakers and sports shoes, there’s no doubt that the popularity of sportswear is on the rise.

Again, the growing demand for gymming, yoga, and meditation classes reveals that the millennials simply adore the idea of staying fit and healthy, which further fuels the sportswear popularity. However, this is not the only inspiration behind the fashionable activewear trend. Sportswear is no longer considered to be donned only by the athletes to up their game. 

It’s being widely held as casual wear for super casual, leisurely activities, as well as adrenaline-driven, sweat-inducing ones. But how did the sportswear enter the fashion industry? Let’s give you an idea!


The origin of sportswear

In the 1920s, the term was used to describe the type of loose-fitting, comfy, and casual clothes that the women donned while watching the games. These outfits were improvised and remanufactured, which lead to the evolution of sportswear.

Stretch fabrics were developed to enhance the flexibility of the wearer, and the nylon tracksuits, cotton shorts, and other popular sportswear clothing came into being in the 1960s.

In the middle of the 1970s, it was the karate icon Bruce Lee, who brought the classic stretchable tracksuit into the pop-culture-inspired fashion industry, and the people took up the new trend quite readily. You can read more about how people feel regarding the sportswear trends in the market and utilize that knowledge to enhance quality and performance. If you are looking for the latest sportswear fashion, you can check out active wear au for more ideas.

On the other hand, flashy, stirrup pants made their way into mainstream fashion in the 1980s from the skiing population. The 80’s ski jackets are still very much popular among the common people. WWII increased the manufacture of synthetic stretchable fabric, e.g. nylon, for pullover outfits, sports tops, and stretchable bottom wear. 

Coming to the yoga pants, the early 1970s’ unitards made their way into renowned clothing labels just by tweaking them a bit and increasing the sense of relaxation and nonchalance. You can now even work in these in prestigious professional places if you know how to carry yourself with grace and confidence.

Now, let’s turn the pages of the past and try to understand how the sportswear emerged to be one of the most powerful clothing trends in the fashion industry. 


How Did Sportswear Become One of the Most Powerful Clothing Trends

The advent of social media 

Anything unique and attention-capturing can turn into a popular trend on social media these days. Celebrities flaunt fashionable sportswear on their respective profiles every day with hashtags like #activewear, #fashion sportswear, and the likes. Their fans, as well as other people, get excited by these trends, copy and post the same, thus creating a ripple effect on social media. 

More marketing 

The sportswear industry is enjoying the results of long and tedious marketing strategies and product promotion on a large scale. From actors to model and famous fashionistas, almost everyone has endorsed sportswear as an important segment of fashion. However, it’s their endorsements that have probably led to the sportswear boom in the industry right now.  

Inherent comfort and flexibility

Lower Body Workouts

With the invention of synthetic, breathable fabrics, you can expect more comfort from your sportswear outfit, versatility, and the flexibility to prevent injuries while working out. After coming out of the gym, you can even meet a friend or go on a casual date without needing to change your clothes.  

So the contributing factors in the rise of sportswear are all based on comfort, comfort, and comfort, while flexibility having a small role to play as well. If you feel comfortable donning casual sportswear everywhere, you should do it in style to prevent being fashion policed. 

Make sure you talk to the experts while randomly buying sportswear online to know what will suit your needs the best. 

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