What is Superion for patients who have spinal stenosis?

Blame it on the poor lifestyle or wrong sitting postures; now, spinal stenosis is getting common among almost all age groups and genders. This condition is painful and requires ultra-care throughout the treatment procedure. 

What is spinal stenosis?

spinal stenosis
spinal stenosis

Those who don’t know spinal stenosis are critical conditions characterized by uncommon pain and pressure released on the spinal cord or entire nerve root. This occurs due to unusual narrowing of the neural foramen (also known as the spinal canal). With growing time, we see an excessive increase in the number of spinal stenosis cases. This is a common physical health issue encountered in people over fifty years. 

Some of the common symptoms of spinal stenosis include

1. Sudden pain in the arms, shoulder, and hands 

2. Persistent discomfort when standing for long periods

3. Numbness and weakness in the lower back 

4. Weakness in buttocks and thighs 

5. Pain in both ends of the body 

Experiencing pain in the legs when standing for a long time is one of the most common symptoms of spinal stenosis. This is seen in more than 90% of the confirmed cases. It may interest you to know that spinal stenosis is a known cause of many neurological disorders. It includes – 

1. A pinched nerve which is often associated with numbness or tingling 

2. Intermittent neurogenic claudication that ignites pain and sudden weakness in legs or buttocks (especially during walking and standing)

3. Cervical myelopathy is known to cause numbness in the hands and lead to bowel control issues the most. This condition is somewhat similar to paralysis. 

4. Radiculopathy which it tends to result in loss of reflex

What is the best solution to this problem?

Superion is a trusted treatment developed for patients with spinal stenosis issues. This treatment type becomes more appropriate and effective when the sufferer has undergone intense conservative care treatment without seeing any improvement in pain. Here, Superion acts as the best pain management remedy. Another big reason why most patients and practitioners recommend it as an ideal solution is the hassle of skipping traditional processes. 

Generally, people who experience relief from Superion implant are the ones whose symptoms are relieved, especially when bending forward. One of the biggest examples is when pulling a shopping cart or picking a heavy belonging from the floor. 

Leaning forward relieves pressure on the spinal canal to expand to its best capacity. And Superior implants produce a similar impact. The best part is it is available in different sizes to blend with your spinal anatomy appropriately. Generally, the material is made up of titanium which ensures lightweight effects with improved strength. Titanium is a biocompatible component that reduces the risk of rejection or inflammation in the sufferer. If you witness extreme pain in your thighs or back, it’s an ideal way to overcome it. 

The final word – 

Spinal stenosis is a clear result of ‘wear and tear’ on the spine that negatively impacts multiple physical activities. Such sudden changes cause the spinal canal to narrow down, which weakens the lower back. Here, Superion works as an ideal solution. This is because traditional spinal surgery gets too demanding in such circumstances. ?

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