Best Soft Tops for CJ7 Jeeps

Purchasing a soft top to go with your current CJ7 accessories gives you lots of freedom when you’re going for a summer drive to the beach, into the mountains, or through town. The best soft tops are mold-resistant and waterproof, so you can use them during rainstorms, but they’re also easy to remove if the sun comes out. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the best soft top for your Jeep. 

Soft Top Materials & Styles

Soft tops are made out of a variety of fabrics, and thanks to modern textile improvements, they usually don’t involve PVC and are easy to move. If you’re looking for a traditional Jeep soft top for sale, vinyl is your best bet because that is the original material for Jeep CJ soft tops. For a luxury look and ambiance, choose a top made of twill, which is famous for its sturdiness and noise reduction capabilities. If you drive in bad weather a lot, sailcloth is a good option for UV protection and safety from the elements.

Once you’ve chosen your material, you need to pick between the four main soft top styles: 

  • Sunlighter tops
  • Bikini tops
  • Flip tops
  • Safari tops

Sunlighter tops allow the sun to pierce through your cover while keeping out harmful UV rays, and bikini tops provide a little more coverage but still prevent sunburns. Flip tops allow you to easily take off your Jeep’s cover and replace it quickly if it starts to rain or if the wind picks up. Finally, safari tops cover your entire Jeep, including the backseat and trunk, but they have open windows so you can enjoy the fresh air. 

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How to Choose the Best Soft Top for Your CJ7

When it’s time to choose the right soft top for your CJ7, start by thinking about your model. Some Jeep TJ accessories work with CJ7s, but some are model-specific. Keep your vehicle’s year in mind, too; if your year isn’t in a soft top’s product description, the cover probably won’t fit without modifications. 

Next, think about the places you drive your Jeep and how much water or wind it withstands. Do you usually take it out in nice weather to enjoy the breeze, or do you drive it to your camping trips in remote areas in all kinds of weather? If your Jeep is mostly for fair-weather use, a bikini or sunlighter top made of twill or vinyl probably works fine. If your Jeep gets exposed to harsh conditions regularly, you may need the sturdiness of a safari or flip top made of sailcloth.

Finally, think about how easy it is to install the soft tops you’re choosing between. Some do not require zippers and simply snap, slide, or buckle into place. Others require special extensions or installation processes, especially if you’re using one that’s for a different model. Keep your strength, environment type, and skill level in mind as you choose your soft top.

Use these tips to guide you as you purchase a soft top for your Jeep CJ7.

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