Skincare Tips for Women Over 50

If you’re a woman above 50 who understands that true beauty comes from within but also wants to look good, this blog post is for you.

From moisturizers and sunscreen to Botox and fillers, this article covers several skincare tips and adjustments any woman over 50 should know to maintain their beauty.

Although there are no magical fixes here, you’d surely find valuable advice that would work for you.

Make sunscreen your best friend

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You’ve probably worn sunscreen all your life or have heard too much about its importance that it has become tiring. But one important skin care tip for every woman above 50 is to wear sunscreen every day.

The sun isn’t your skin’s friend and is one of the major causes of wrinkles and brown spots. Now that you’re advancing in age, your body may not be very efficient in repairing itself, so it’s better to shield it from the sun by wearing sunscreen all day. 

Use the right cleansers and moisturizers

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You’d notice that your skin tends to get dryer the older you get. It’s due to the slowing down of oil production and cell turnover with age.

Women with oily skin find it a gem as they get older. That’s because oily skin develops fewer wrinkles compared to dry one. But even oily skin gets less oily, and a typically dry one gets even dryer with age, so using moisturizer is a must as you advance in years.

Now’s the time to increase the amount of moisturizer you apply and how often you apply it.

Consider injections and fillers

As you smile, frown, and laugh, these facial expressions leave their effect on your face, causing creases (fine lines) over time.

Botox and fillers are the way to go if you want to prevent and reduce wrinkles effortlessly. While moisturizers, sunscreen, and other methods require you to adhere strictly to a daily skincare routine, Botox at Pure Beauty Medical Spa can give you a youthful appearance that lasts for months.

Your clinician will administer tiny Botox injections into your face that smooth out creases and lines. On the other hand, facial fillers will plump out your cheeks.

The procedures are safe, and although they may hurt just a bit, you’d find the results truly phenomenal.

Exfoliate! Exfoliate!! Exfoliate!!!

Exfoliation is essential as you age. That’s because there’s a greater number of cells dying per day than when you were younger. These accumulated dead skin cells form a thick layer on your skin, making it look less fresh.

Exfoliating both face and body twice a week can help you look fresher.

Pro tip: use a dry brush to exfoliate before or while showering. Do a facial scrub. Apply moisturizer after your shower.

Take special care for dry skin

Whether your skin is originally dry or not, here are some tips for caring for dry skin over 50:

  • Avoid washing your face with hot water, which strips your skin of oils. Use lukewarm water instead.
  • Use cleanser specially designed for dry skin
  • Use thick moisturizer to lock moisture in
  • Use products containing hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin absorb moisture.

Wrapping up

There’s so much you can do to keep looking youthful and energetic as you age. However, consistency is key. Even after using Botox and fillers, it’s wise to observe the other skincare tips for the best long-term results.

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