Signs That Weight Loss Surgery Is The Best Option For You

Obesity is one of the most widely prevalent health issues in the US, and people of all ages struggle with it. Beyond affecting your looks and self-esteem, uncontrollable weight gain leads to dire health risks in the long run. The worst part is that not all cases are lifestyle-generated, as some people suffer due to genetics. You may struggle with diet plans and exercise or look for an easy way to deal with weight issues through surgery. The procedure helps you achieve your ideal weight and sustain it for the long haul. Here are some signs that it may be the best option for you.

Your BMI is in the danger-range

A BMI is 40 or higher qualifies you for weight loss surgery. Essentially, body mass index measures the relationship between body weight and height. A BMI range of 18 to 25 is normal, anything over 25 represents an overweight person, and a BMI over 30 indicates obesity. If your BMI crosses 35 and is accompanied by an obesity-related medical condition, you must opt for surgical remediation sooner than later. The same applies to people with BMI exceeding 40, even if they do not have a medical condition. 

Nothing else has helped you

Strict diets and extreme workout routines often help people lose extra inches and pounds. But these measures do not work for everyone, and even if they do, the results do not stay for the long haul. You may feel disappointed if months of starving and sweating do not help. Consider a weight loss surgery if standard methods do not deliver expected results or outcomes are not sustainable. 

You have weight-related health issues

Obesity is a reason to worry if it brings health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, and heart disease. You must check with your doctor to decide whether a surgical procedure makes sense. Consider a gastric sleeve surgery at NJ Advanced Surgical Solutions, as it has helped several patients regain their health by addressing weight-related conditions. The minimally-invasive procedure is quick, safe, and effective, and you can resume your routine sooner than later.

You are ready to embrace a lifestyle change

The success of a weight loss surgery boils down to embracing a healthy lifestyle for the long haul. You will have to commit to overcoming the bad habits that contributed to obesity initially. Changing your diet and engaging in regular exercise are crucial post-procedure recommendations. If you are ready to switch to a better lifestyle, go ahead with the surgery without second thoughts.

You have overcome emotional issues

Besides a poor lifestyle, underlying emotional and mental issues may also lead to unprecedented weight gain. People indulge in stress eating and even load up wrong foods like sugar and processed foods. If you suffer from such emotional issues, you must address them before opting for surgery. Therapy and counseling can help in this context, so prepare yourself with these steps.

Weight loss surgery is a medical miracle, and it can even save lives. You must check these signs and opt for the surgical procedure if you qualify for it.

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