Protect Against Germs and Bacteria with SHOO Protective Clothing

If you’ve been looking for protective clothing that kills germs and bacteria to keep you safe and healthy, you’re in luck. There’s new protective clothing launched by SHOO to help you protect yourself and the people you come in close contact with.

We all come into contact with germs and bacteria as we go about our daily activities. The normal clothes you wear every day are not designed to kill germs and bacteria; hence it’s easy to bring germs back home and endanger the lives of your loved ones.

4 Shoo Protective Products

SHOO Masks

  • Infused with Swiss antimicrobial technology to protect against microbes, germs, and bacteria.
  • Made with 87% microtencel fabric combined with 13% elastane.
  • Super soft and comfortable to wear around your face
  • They are unisex
  • They come in two sizes, and seven colors


  • Comes with top and removable turtleneck that can be worn as a mask.
  • Made with 62% natural cotton and 38% vegetal fibre
  • Protects against UV damage and microbes
  • Soft and plush against the skin


  • Women’s top with removable turtleneck that has comfortable ear holes
  • Made with top quality fabrics from Pyrates
  • Features extra-long cuffs to protect your hands
  • Infused with antimicrobial technology 
  • Comes in seven colors 
  • Can be worn in four different ways


  • Made with 62% natural cotton and 38% vegetal fibre
  • Women’s top with long funnel neck 
  • Funnel neck is not detachable
  • Converts into face mask
  • Can be worn as a hood 
  • Comes in two colors—red with faux leather detail and black with sequin detail. 

Here you can find the details: SHOOAPPAREL: Removable Stylish Mask, Clothing Itself Kill Germs & Bacteria Using Silver And Vesicle Technology, Quality Italian Fabrics

Advantages of SHOO Smart Armor Collection clothing

  • They utilize innovative Swiss antimicrobial technology to protect you against germs and bacteria. This technology has been proven to protect against SARS-CoV-2 –the virus that causes Covid-19. Therefore, SHOO apparel is what you need to protect yourself from the novel virus at this time when the virus is spreading so quickly. 
  • SHOO clothes are stylish and can be worn by just anyone, including young people and the elderly. 
  • SHOO protective clothes are safe to the environment as they are made with sustainably harvested materials. Besides, the materials are cosmetic-grade, bio-based, and recyclable.
  • These clothes come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, allowing you to choose something that suits your taste. You can be sure to find an outfit that matches your needs. Moreover, they can be worn in different ways to achieve the look that you want. 
  • They are made with super soft and biodegradable fabrics which provide numerous benefits ranging from comfort, breathability, sweat management, and durability. 
  • They are safe on the human skin; hence they can be worn by people of all skin types. 
  • They are affordable considering the versatility they provide. The SHOO mask retails at $49, SHOO FLY retails at $119, while both SHOO CROP and SHOO SKIN retail at $136. 
  • They are a smarter alternative to wearing masks. 

Generally, SHOO protective clothing is the real deal when it comes to protecting yourself against the microbes you come across every day.

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