5 Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment as Travel Accommodation

Choosing the place to stay when traveling is one of the most important factors that would affect your travel experience. A perfect accommodation will help you to get the best travel memories. 

Nowadays, thanks to the rise of Airbnb, travelers are more tending to spend their nights in apartments in strange countries. Especially for those business and leisure travelers on long trips, they may feel more relaxed if they have the feel like home.  

For long stays, there are a lot of reasons and benefits for choosing a serviced apartment when traveling. Here we will explain the amazing reasons to choose serviced apartments below:

5 Benefits for Choosing Serviced Apartment When Traveling

serviced apartment

Home with Services

A  Serviced Apartment is defined as an accommodation that offers hotel-like services. It is mainly utilized by guests with long stay in urban environments. The apartments are usually well furnished as private luxurious apartments. 

The service ranges of a serviced apartment can vary from very basic to complete hotel-like room services. These services usually include, for example, towels and linens replacing, frequent housekeeping, and laundry facilities for residents. You don’t need to do any housework in your temporary “home”.  

High-speed Internet connections are also available, which are nowadays the most essential amenities in any accommodation. If you are finding a serviced apartment, you can see this here.

Spacious Accommodation

Hotel rooms, in even very nice hotels, are usually quite small especially in crowded cities like Hong Kong. If you want an accommodation that is more spacious in Hong Kong, it is recommended to consider a serviced apartment in Happy Valley. It is a 600 sq.ft. one-bedroom apartment with panoramic Racecourse view, a perfect accommodation for leisure travellers and family. 

A serviced apartment lets the travellers enjoy the space and the privacy. The reason why a lot of people prefer to stay in the apartment when traveling is because it is more relaxing and comfortable to stay with.

Full Amenities Provided

A serviced apartment provides different amenities for the guests who are staying that they would never feel uncomfortable while “living” in the house. The apartment should be spacious enough to offer full amenities. In a nice serviced apartment, you can find all typical furniture that you can see in a home. 

Most impartantly, you get a fully-equipped kitchen. The space of a hotel room is limited and cannot include a nice kitchen unless you pay extra for upgrades. Different types of travellers would need an accommodation with a well-equipped kitchen for different reasons. For example, leisure travellers would like to try to cook some local cuisine for local experience in a strange city, or, a family may need to prepare special made meals for the family members. 

Less Expensive Place

Of course, large suites are available in hotels, but they come with supreme prices. 

The main reason why many travelers love to stay in an apartment when traveling is that its price is less expensive than a nice hotel. 

Considering the space, accessibility, quality and services, the options would be more when it comes to serviced apartments. They are spacious, well-furnitured with nice amenities and most importantly more affordable while compared to a hotel suite in the same standard.  

Besides, with the full amenities in the serviced apartment, you can prepare your own meals without expensive dining out especially when you travel with family members, particularly on long-term stays. 

This is why many people want to stay and choose the serviced apartment as their travel accommodation because they are more open and of course less expensive comparatively.

Children Are In Place

How to deal with their kids is one of the things that a family would consider when planning to travel. This is also one of the reasons why a family would tend to choose a serviced apartment to stay in when traveling. The serviced apartment is just like another home where you can easily arrange the daily routine of your children rather than in a hotel. In a hotel, a family will be mainly stuck in a room where the parents would find it hard to stick with their daily routine for example some daily study or gaming time. With the space in a serviced apartment, the children can be very comfortable moving around the house. 

Also, staying in the apartment is very convenient if you have to prepare some special meals for your kids. It is a place for the children to feel comfortable with the feeling of home, even when traveling.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to traveling to a strange place. It is important to plan carefully especially to find a secure and nice accommodation that would drastically affect your whole travel experience. No matter what is the reason that you choose a serviced apartment as your next travel accommodation, you will never regret it for the superb quality of its living environment.

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