Can a girl get married to a guy even if they have the same Rashifal?

Our superiors say, “Marriages are made in heaven.”

So, Kundali matching by your Rashi is to be done before you are all set.

But then, have you ever come across these conditions after coming across the trouble in your Rashifal which says that

1)      You cannot get married to this girl or this boy since you have the same birth date.


2)      You cannot get married to another girl or boy who has the same Rashi as yours.

Well, yes true, in matching marriage by Rashi, Astrology often predicts that our relationship for a person, who is of the same Rashi as us, might be restricted in many ways, when it comes to marrying a girl or a boy who too, has the same Rashi.

Can a girl get married to a guy even if they have the same Rashifal

Wow! Now that seems like a real speed breaker.

You are in love and want to get married to one another but now you are being stopped by your family since you both have the same Rashi.


It could be that you went to see a girl, and then when you really liked her, you found out that she is of the same Rashi as you are, and that put you in a situation, wherein the world stops you from marrying her.

“You would never be happy with a person who thinks similar to you,” they may say.

So, here it goes while you go for the Kundali matching process.

If this is the case, then let us do something about your Kundali matching with Rashi.

Let us see, if Astrology suggests some remedy even for such situations in your Rashifal?

Well, thankfully there are remedies, yes thank God.

Hopefully, these remedies will work for you, saving your love and your marriage.

The few conditions that may need to be fulfilled during Kundali matching and it depends on two factors-

·         Our zodiac signs and

·         Our 27 stars.

For Kundali matching, you must know that each Zodiac sign has 9 divisions.

So, together the 12 zodiac signs have 108 divisions.

There are 4 paths for each star and thus 27 stars x 4 paths would be 108 divisions again.

So every Zodiac sign ideally has 2 and a quarter stars for themselves.

Thus, in astrology when such a condition arises wherein you cannot marry another since they are both of the same Rashi, you must find out the path which can help the boy and the girl to be together.

So here are the few rules that can save you-

Let us consider Ashwini star- there are four paths of Ashwini;

Ashwini Path 1, Ashwini Path 2, Ashwini Path 3 and Ashwini Path 4.

In Aries sign, there are Ashwini (1 to 4), Bharani (1 to 4) and Krutika (Part 1) for Kundali matching by Rashi.

1)      So, the boy and girl can get married if the boy’s birth star precedes the girl’s birth star in the Nakshatra list.

2)      The Boy’s star path might precede the girl’s star path (like path 1 boy can marry path 4 boy and not vice versa).

3)      The same stars for the man and woman cannot though marry each other. Like if Bharani is the star for the boy and the girl then even if the boy’s path precedes the girl’s path, even then they cannot get married.

If the same Rashi people while married by Rashi, have different Nakshatra then they can surely marry. They thus have no Gana Dosha. As you may know, there are three Gana for humans-

  • Dev Gana,
  •  Manushya Gana and
  • Rakshasha Gana.

Now, let us shed some more light into it, based on the facts like when can a girl with a Nakshatra before the boy’s, marry the boy?

1)      If the bride and the groom have one of these stars/Nakshatra then the marriage consider being auspicious even if the bride and groom have same Rashi and same Nakshatra- Those with Nakshatra- Rohini, Ardra, Pushya, Magha, Vishakha, Shravana, Uttarabhadrapada,, Revati might be an auspicious bond.

2)      If during Kundali matching there is Ashwini, Krutika, Mrigashira, Punarvasu, Chitra, and Anuradha, Purvabhadrapada then it is auspicious in a mediocre way.

3)      With the rest of the Nakshatra it is an inauspicious journey.

4)      If the bride’s Nakshatra is either of these- Ashwini, Krutika, Rohini, Mrigashira Ardra, Pushya, Magha, Hasta, Swati, Vishakha, Purvashad, Shatabishakha then it is good if the bride’s Nakshatra is before the grooms.

5)      If the Rashi is same but if the Nakshatra is different, then there is no need to take account of the Nadi Dosha and the Gana Dosha.

6)      If the Nakshatra is same but Padas are different (the paths), the also it is auspicious. There is no Nadi Dosha and Gana Dosha.

7)      If the bride and the groom have the same Rashi and different Nakshatra then there is no problem. Same Nakshatra and different Rashi then there is no Nadi Dosha.

8)      If the boy’s Nakshatra is after the girl’s Nakshatra during Kundali matching then the marriage will be inauspicious as there would be Nadi Dosha.

There are literally few types of Dosha during Kundali matching that come forward in this type of condition. Ask your astrologer to interpret the doshas for you, if you have encountered any of these with your beloved or with the person you want to marry.

1.       Latta Dosha

2.       Paata Dosha

3.       Yuti Dosha

4.       Veda Dosha

5.       Jaimittra Dosha

6.       Mrityu Panchaka Dosha

7.       Ekargala Dosha

8.       Kranti Samya Dosha

9.       Dagdha Dosha

There are ideally three types of Nadi identified through Kundali matching in humans – Adi Nada, Madhya Nadi and Antya Nadi even then, there can be a problem.

When the bride and the groom have the same Nadi, then they get Nadi Dosha. Now, the marriage between two people with the same Nadi would not go well and definitely not end happily.

Make sure you look out for each of these factors. Make sure, you find a solution.

Why should you do all this hard work.

Certainly to ensure you live long and love long.

I am sure when two people come together, they desire a company as long as they live, thus they come together to share a harmonious relationship. But, many times we may have seen that in relationships such harmony is not experienced by people. Thus, we must understand that when we are forming bonds, then that bond must arise out of a good understanding, a proper hygienic mental and spiritual equation between two people. Often our starry alignments during our Kundali matching may not be favoring this built up and thus, finding remedies is required if and when we have vowed to remain with each other despite the difficulties, life brings forward on our path.

Horoscope matching/Kundali matching by Rashis might sound a bit odd, amidst today’s advancements but then what’s the harm in solving all struggles before moving forward in a relationship that you value so much, the one that you truly want, the one that you would want to stay for as long as you are alive? Think about it and make sure you are well aware of the consequences and the challenges of being together for a long time. Make sure you know how to solve the troubles and make sure you help each other in your way together.

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