Top 15 Footwear Brands With the Best Running Shoes

Running is by far one of the best workouts and not just for those looking forward to losing weight. But also for those hoping to have a nice, spirited day. Despite the health benefit of the exercise, nonetheless, a lot of participants have found themselves developing serious injuries due to the wrong outfit. They don’t know how to choose running shoes as they are more focused on fashion instead of performance. Therefore, this time we are going to introduce Top 15 footwear brands and some tips of choosing running shoes.

Top 15 Footwear Brands

Nike Running Shoes

Nike is one of the giant manufacturers of sporting shoes and it’s based in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. The footwear manufacturing company has been in service since 1964 and it’s wholly dedicated to creating products that are not just contemporary and groundbreaking. But which are also sustainable and with a positive impact in our communities.

Driven by the love and desire to share with every enthusiastic and professional athlete, Nike has created several running shoe series. Amongst them is the Nike Air Zoom Structure which helps protect your feet against the effects of over-pronation, whilst providing ultra-comfort.

Other running shoe series from Nike include Nike Odyssey React, Nike Air VaporMax, and Nike Epic React.

Highlighted item: Nike Women’s Revolution 4 Running Shoe

Asics Running Shoes

Asics is a Japan-based sports equipment company which focuses on the production of comfortable and supportive sporting products. Originally, the global company debuted in 1949, though, under a different name (Onitsuka Co., Ltd). In 1977, the company took the name Asics, allowing it to expand its global operations and creativeness in the shoemaking. 

For the runners, Asics running shoes feature the perfect balance of contemporary technology and design to ensure you achieve your best run. The shoes are available in a wide variety, including the Gel Kayano, Gel Cumulus, Metarun, and Gel- DS Trainer. If you want to boost your run with super-speed, the DS trainer is your type of shoe and it’s comfortable, secure and very supportive. 

Highlighted item: ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend 5 Running Shoes

New Balance Running Shoes

Just as the name, the New Balance Footwear Company is the brand to consult if you‘re looking for a balanced running shoe. The multinational corporation is based in the USA and it’s over a century old (since 1906). Hence, incorporates its traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create sports shoes which serves you with optimal efficacy. 

For those who have been using the running shoes from the New Balance brand, you’ll notice the Footwear Company is replacing its traditional numbered models. Instead of the models like the New Balance 1080s or 1260s, the company now has names like Zante, Vongo, and Boracay.

Some of the most appreciated New Balance running shoes are the Vongo V3 Fresh Foam, New Balance MT410V4, and Fresh Foam Arishi V1.

Highlighted item: New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize v1 FuelCore Training Shoe

Hoka Running Shoes

For the men and women who love hitting the road every day, the Hoka brand is another good alternative to go for. The athletic shoe company is based in the United States but it originated from France, where it hoped to improve the endurance race times. This was to be facilitated by a running shoe which allows one to go downhill faster and securely. 

While they have varying thicknesses, the Hoka running shoes are superlatively light and with an excellent cushioned midsoles to enhance shock absorption. The shoes feature meta-rocker geometry which supports your natural running gait and increases the running efficiency. 

Some of the brand’s best running shoes for preventing foot injuries include Hoka Clifton 6, Hoka one Arahi2, and Hoka One Bondi 5

Highlighted item: HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Cavu Running Shoe 

Brooks Running Shoes

While you might find some people stating they have never heard of the brand, Brooks Sports Inc. produces some of the top-best stability shoes. The American sports company debuted in 1914 and has been able to support millions of athletes, both the enthusiasts and professionals. 

As for the running shoes, the Brooks Company creates footwear with added air for cushioning and extra rubber to enhance durability. The prestigious brand applies the DNA LOFT midsole technology to help reduce impact and injury by dispersing the pressure underfoot. 

Some of the notable Brooks running shoe series include Brooks Ghost 11, Ricochet, Adrenaline GTS 19, and Brooks Beast ’18.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 

Adidas Running Shoes

The Adidas AG is another shoe label which has a global recognition like that of Nike. The multinational company was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Up to today, the Adidas Sportswear Company operates in the region, where it has been serving our sportswear needs. 

Back in 2013, Adidas introduced its Boost technology which came to change the style of running shoes impressively.

The Boost midsole cushioning found in Adidas running shoes is ultimately comfortable, protective, and durable. Using a shoe model like the Adizero Tempo, for instance, its boost foam can serve you optimally for up to 800 miles. If you’re looking for a tougher model, the Supernova Sequence can go with you over 1000 miles, whilst caring for your moderate over-pronation. 

Highlighted item: Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Qt Racer Running Shoe

Saucony Running Shoes

The Saucony Company is one of the oldest shoe brands having begun its operations back in 1898 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. In the late 1960s, the Hyde Athletic Industries acquired Saucony and moved its operations in their headquarters in Massachusetts. In there, the Sports Company began building its name and two of its running shoes were amongst the top 10 picked by Runner’s World Magazine.

By the 1980s and ‘90s, Saucony running shoes were now featuring contemporary designs and technology, enhancing their demand even more. With the Saucony Jazz Trainers, for example, the running shoes were lightweight and featured the Maxitrac Lug Outsole for comfort and stability.

For those with a taste of functionality and attractiveness, the Saucony running shoes feature a cool design, which includes even vivid styling. Some of these shoe models include Saucony Cohesion 10, Freedom ISO, Nomad TR Trail, and Saucony Guide 8 Running shoes.

Highlighted item: Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe

Altra Running Shoes

Altra is a young and fresh shoe brand which began its operations in 2009 through the efforts of about four co-founders. The American-based footwear camera focuses on creating shoes which takes the way people naturally run. The brand predominantly creates barefoot/ minimalist footwear, which you’ll notice have little or no drop. Furthermore, Altra Running Company creates its shoes with a wider forefoot (to replicate footshape) and also utilizing the Fit4Her design. 

The Fit4her design is the exclusive Altra’s tailor-made feature which matches their women’s shoes with the biomechanics of their feet. For instance, the footwear is narrower through the heel and midfoot to perfectly match their (women’s) foot anatomy.

All Altra running shoes feature a balanced cushioning to aid in optimal alignment and encourage a minimal impact when landing the foot. Some of the most rated Altra running shoes are Altra Lone Peak 4, Timp 1.5, Lone Peak 3.5, and Altra Escalante.

Highlighted item: Altra AFW1733G Women’s Escalante Running Shoe

Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno is a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company which is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. The renowned corporation takes its name from Rihachi Mizuno who founded it in 1906 in Osaka, Japan. As for the world of sports, Mizuno Company is ultimately dedicated to ensuring all people lead an athletic life which is both prosperous and comfortable. 

All Mizuno sports products are of high quality, high performance, and very supportive. If it’s the running shoes, the shoe brand constantly improves the technologies behind it to ensure all the runners enjoy an even better experience. One of these technologies is the Mizuno wave Plate on their midsole which helps enhance shock absorption and stability when landing. 

Mizuno running shoes are available for all the foot types and all the gait. Some of the most ranked series, nonetheless, include Mizuno Wave Rider 16, Wave Rider 22 Knit, and Mizuno Wave Inspire 13.

Highlighted item: Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 19 Running Shoe

Puma Running Shoes

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If you’re a huge fan of the premier league, am sure you know Puma through their prestigious spiked shoes. The giant producer of athletic and casual wear began its operations in 1948 in Herzogenaurach, Germany through the efforts of Rudolf Dassler. Puma is the third-largest manufacturer of sportswear, with most of its competition coming from its sister company- Adidas. 

Comparing its running shoes, Puma has some of the best shoe series which you’ll truly cherish having. The brand has supported millions of athletes from over 120 countries using revolutionary shoe technologies, including EVA foam and TPU shank. These features have made shoe series like the Puma Tazon 6 FM, Ignite Flash Evoknit, and Puma Incite Sneaker become a success for many runners.

Highlighted item: PUMA Women’s Prowl Alt Knit Mesh Wn Sneaker

Newton Running Shoes

Founded in 2006, Newton Running Company is a true leader and supporter of natural running and active technology in footwear. The manufacturer of athletic products is based in the United States, from where it incorporates a range of technologies to ensure your every stride is better. 

Amongst the technologies in the Newton Running shoes is the Full-Foot Cushioning which guarantees optimal protection when landing. Some of the top shoe series from the renowned brand include Newton Running Kismet 4, Distance V Sneaker, and Newton Terra Momentum. These shoes come in a variety of designs, both stylish and vivid to ensure a colorful experience. 

Highlighted item: Newton Running Women’s Kismet 5

Salomon Running Shoes

Although some purchases them for their catchy design, the Salomon running shoes are high-performance and very supportive. The French sportswear company started its operations in 1947 in Anney, France, from where it operates even today. The shoe brand is one of the leading European manufacturers of outdoor sports equipment for all genders and sports. 

As for the running shoes, Salomon Group Sportswear Company apply a wide range of supportive technologies, including an Agile Chassis system for cushioning and stability. All the shoes from the brand are grouped into various running terrains and for various weather conditions. 

Some of the top Salomon running shoes which you can try today include Speedcross 4 trail, Xa Pro 3D Trail Runner, and Salmon Trailster Trail.

Highlighted item: Salomon Women’s Trailster W Trail Running Shoe

Enko Running Shoes

When it comes to shoemaking technology, Enko undeniably is living in the future of our forefathers. The cofounders Christian and Jacqueline Freschi introduced the brand’s first shoe in 2014 but its establishment plan originally began in 2004. The footwear company is born of frustration and creativity after Christian couldn’t find a nice pair of running shoes to support his back problems. 

Though you might find them a bit expensive, Enko running shoes comprise of an exclusive double sole which is customized to the runner’s bodyweight. The revolutionary cushioning system ensures optimal safety of not just your foot and knees but for the lower back as well. All the shoes are fit for all kinds of strides and can run for up to 1, 250 miles without decreasing the cushioning quality. 

Skechers Running Shoes

Skechers is a lifestyle and performance footwear company which is based in Manhattan Beach, California. The American shoe brand debuted in 1992 through the work of its founders Robert and Michael Greenberg. In the running industry, Skechers has become a friend of many following the superior cushioning of the shoes. One of the key facilitators of the brand’s success is the ability to offer high-performance trainers and at a relatively lower price. 

Skechers has a wide range of running shoes, all featuring outstanding technologies and excellent design. With top shoe series like the Gorun MaxTrail 5 Ultra and Gorun MaxRoad 3 Ultra, for instance, the encompassed models come with an Ultra Flight foam. The proprietary TPU-based foam guarantees you not only good cushioning but also a lighter and bouncier experience. 

Highlighted item: Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneaker

Merrell Running Shoes

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Merrell is another amazing company which you can consult if your taste is a high-performance shoe with eye-catching attributes. Founded by three individuals (Clark Matis, John Schweizer, and Randy Merrell) in 1981, the footwear company has been an inspiration for many athletes. Whether it’s going to the top of Everest or running on the racing track, the renowned shoemaker has never disappointed. Merrell shoes guarantee you an ultra-comfy experience with their innovative multi-sport technology.

Merrell has myriad models of sporting shoes, all featuring various foot types and your unique Gait. If barefooting running is your thing, the Footwear brand has some of the best shoe series, including Vapor Glove 2, Bare Access XTR, and Merrell Trail Glove 5 Sneaker

Other running shoe series include Merrell Trail Chaser Jr Sneaker and Merrell Hydro 2.0 Running shoe for your kid. 

Highlighted item: Merrell Women’s Vapor Glove 3 Trail Runner

Which Running Shoes Are Good For My Foot Type?

In cases where your genetic traits are responsible for your running traits, choosing the right shoes is the best means of avoiding foot injuries. The shoe you choose should conform to the type of your foot and remember to focus on functionality rather not the fashion.

Neutral Shoes

Just as its name suggests, these types of shoes are ideal for individuals with basic pronation or a neutral gait. The footwear features a little bit of cushioning to support the medium arched foot in absorbing the shock and prevent injuries. Since there is no kind of stability needed from them, neutral running shoes can have a lighter and more streamlined design.

Nonetheless, the runners who have supination are greatly advised to avoid shoes with motion control, stabilizing features, and hard midsoles. This, then, leaves neutral running shoes but with special features since barefoot/ minimalist shoes will even worsen the state. These special features to focus on when looking for the best shoes for supination include a very good cushioning and flexible midsole. The flexibility will help distribute the shock on the foot evenly instead of focusing on only the outer edges. 

By the way, when choosing the running shoes for supination (under-pronation), ensure the lightness still exists. This is to reduce the pressure on the feet and promote stability without straining the ankles and the prevalent muscles.

What is Supination? Check below video:

Stability Shoes

Majority of the road running shoes on the market fall under this category. They are the best long-distance running shoes for someone with average weight or have moderate pronation which needs good support. Compared with the neutral models, the stability shoes are a bit stiffer to help prevent excessive pronation of the foot. They are very supportive shoes as they give you that balance of cushioning and motion control (best supported by a heel counter).

Motion Control Shoes

As of their design, Motion Control Shoes features a wide and straight bottom. They are the best over-pronation running shoes or the pair to get if you have a flat foot. Their design is set to provide your foot with maximum support and prevent it from rolling in too far as you run. 

The midsole of motion control running shoes is usually made of a harder material (e.g. dual-density ethyl-vinyl-acetate {EVA}). This is to ensure they are rigid and stable enough to ensure more control and stability. Hence, amongst the best running shoes for shin splints (pain in lower leg) and foot fatigue. 

Additionally, they’re the best running shoes for bad knees as they help prevent the excessive pronation which can put a lot of pressure on the joints. 

See the differences bewteen Motion Control, Stability & Neutral shoes:

Barefoot Shoes

While some people are wearing them as the new trend, barefoot shoes can really save you from getting infections or hurting your “natural” soles. The shoe design gives you an experience like that of a naked foot, hence, features a flat sole with no heel-to-toe drop. Additionally, the footwear features no arch support, no cushioning on the sole, and the sole is flexible to allow your feet bend and spay naturally. Just as you would do when wearing no shoes. 

When in the market, the best barefoot running shoes for you entirely depends on your experience in using your naked foot. In case it’s your first time to try barefoot running, it is best you first adapt to the minimalist shoes.

Most people usually refer the barefoot shoes and the minimalist shoes as the same. In this post, nonetheless, we’re going to analyze them separately as we don’t want you to hurt your feet through misconception. 

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Minimalist Shoes

The minimalist shoe is a type of “barefoot shoe” but which features some cushioning and arch support. This running footwear is more of a transitioning shoe if you’re not well accustomed to remaining with “naked” foot. Hence, even have a heel-to-toe drop but a very mild one. The cushioning and drop helps a lot in reducing the likelihood of injuries, which you could have sustained when running barefooted. 

If we were to compare the minimalist shoes with the barefoot shoes, we can say the formal has a rather thick sole. However, the thickness of the sole will vary across various shoe design, hence, will hugely depend on your preference. 

Source: https://www.rei.com/

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