Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Revision Breast Surgeon

When you have your breast implant for the first time, you are all excited and happy as now they look probably the way you wanted. However, this excitement can become a nightmare when something gets off with them. Most people get confused as they don’t know where to start, especially after a complication occurs after a breast implant surgery. Finding a good doctor to help you revise the breast surgery can also become a nightmare as you are afraid to find yourself with the same complication you are in now. Most doctors have only specialized in placing the implants and not revising or removing them. Don’t worry, this article will outline what to look for when choosing a breast revision surgeon to ensure you achieve your breast goals.

Open and Honest Communication

When looking for a revision doctor for breast implant surgery, it’s essential to have one that is honest and has good communication skills. They can tell you the risk at hand and advise you on the best way to do it. Always schedule an appointment with different surgeons, meet them consult with them, and from there, you can pick the one you feel more comfortable with. A skilled doctor with excellent communication skills will help outline the requirements of the procedure, giving you the facts and the expected results this way, it gives you confidence in going on with the plan. Ask them questions and see how they respond, as this can help you know how they will offer you after-surgery treatments.

Training and Experience

Asking the doctor about their experience and specialty area is vital. Like other professional doctors, they can offer a different range of procedures even if they have not specialized. To have the best experience, you can consider doing your breast revision by Dr. Savalia. Having a doctor with vast experience in breast implant revision should give you confidence and less worries concerning your procedure. 

You can also ask the doctor about their experience in the breast revision field and the number of corrections they have performed. The advantage of having one who has many successful breast revisions is you have confidence in them, and in case of any complication during the surgery, they can sort it out.

Referrals and Before Testimonials

Good surgeons are always proud of their work and will always be happy to show you some testimonials and even refer you to some of their patients so you can know how it goes. The importance of asking for a testimonial and not just the printed pictures is you can consult on how they offer the services. You can do this by searching online about their rating and the comments from people. Also, it’s vital to look at some of the photos before and after the surgery to see their success and have a clue about the expected results. Visit the doctor’s website and see the kind of pictures they have of breast revision. This acts as an assurance that they have experience and offer the best services to their patients.


All hospitals and doctors must have a license as a requirement by the state. Always consult to know if the doctor is a certified one and their field of specialty. This will help you prevent falling into the hands of quack doctors, which might end in severe damage to your health and overall look.


Asking and getting the information above will ensure you get the best surgeon for your breast implant revision. Always choose a surgeon you feel comfortable with and who has experience for the job.

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