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10 Best Resistance Band Exercises For A Perfect Body

People who don’t get enough time to visit the gym or spend most of their time travelling may workout even at their homes. Resistance band exercises are super beneficial to yield you a perfect body. They do not only maintain your body balance and flexibility but also improve your muscle strength and tone, as well as play a significant role in weight management by keeping a check on your muscle-to-fat ratio.

Leg and Hip band exercises

Leg and hip exercises ensure your body shape to be proper. We tend to get obese, particularly because adipose tissue gets accumulated around our thighs and hips. Exercising, however, maintains your body tone. 

· Jumping jack

Jumping jack is often performed from a standing position, with the legs placed together and the arms placed at the side of the body. As you take the jump, the legs are spread apart, and you move the arms quickly over the head. It works, particularly on the quadriceps. It strengthens the body, and it optimizes cardiovascular health. 

· Squats

If you want wonderful toned legs, squats could yield you that! The biggest merit of doing squats is that it helps you build your quadriceps, calves and hamstrings. Although squat is a great exercise for the whole body, it focuses more on improving your lean muscles, abdominal muscles, butt and your lower back. Squatting on a regular basis will eventually help you to burn a higher amount of calories from your entire body. 

· Band walk

Though this exercise is apparently strange, it is a great idea to include this in your daily exercise regimen. Band walks help in strengthening your hip abductors, more specifically, the region of your gluteus medius and your hip stability. It is immensely beneficial for people with joint aches too. It works on the side of your pelvis and helps you to reach your weight loss goals as well.

· Resistance Band Glute Kick-Back

This is a super-effective exercise to strengthen your lower back. Position yourself on the ground and balance the body on your hands and knees. It is one of the best ways through which you can activate your muscles and glutes. Add this particular exercise in your routine and practice it every day before you do the squats. Resistance Band Glute Kick-Back does not only work on your quads but on your glutes too! This focuses primarily on improving your body form, and you can increase its impact by adding weights to the resistance bands.

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Chest and back band exercises

It is extremely challenging yet effective. Nothing comes easy, right? Well, chest and back workout sessions usually hit the whole of your upper body with a vicious pump. It tones your body as well as improves your posture. You do not need doing this on a regular basis but considering at least two supersets twice a week will do real good to you!

· Chest Press

If you want to strengthen your chest and build muscle mass, chest press is a good thing to try out! It basically targets your triceps, deltoids and pectorals, and thus, it improves your ability to seek for a deeper breath. Doing anything that involves holding, lifting, squeezing or even pushing will eventually increase your strength, and make your chest firmer. Also, it stabilizes your shoulder joints. 

· Resistance Band Good Morning

Although ‘Good Morning’ is often counted as an accessory exercise, it improves your lower back health and develops the glutes, spinal erectors and hamstrings. It does not only work on your spine but at the same time, trains the hinges of your glutes. With resistance bands, you will be able to build up that muscle tension. This is one of the biggest reasons for which physical therapists suggest adding it in your workout routine!

· Lat Pulldown

It primarily targets your latissimus dorsi, thereby strengthening your lats. It works on both the biceps and triceps. It also works on the other muscles of your upper body. Lat Pulldown stresses on your synergist muscles, thereby contributing to the improvisation of your total body form. 

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Ab band workouts

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Abdominal muscles play a significant role in improving your overall body posture, give you ample stability, supporting your spine and maintaining your body balance. It also affects your respiratory functions, such as breathing. Not just that, ab workouts also enhance your body strength and endurance.

· Bicycle crunch

As we all know that cycling is one of the most effective cardio exercises, bicycle crunch is a super effective exercise that will help you lose weight and tons your thighs as well. It increases your core strength, and thus, improves your waistline. Bicycling on the legs will put your transverse abdominis into work while lifting your head and shoulder blades at the time of performing these bicycle crunches will engage your rectus abdominis. Hence, it is one of the best ab exercises for anyone! 

· Standing knee tuck

Standing knee tuck is an effective exercise that will shape and tone your body. It is sure to enhance your endurance and strength in just a short span of time. It puts your core, glutes, hamstrings, biceps, anterior shoulders as well as your hip flexors to work, thereby increasing your overall peak power. 

· Side plank with leg lifts 

Side Plank, or Vasisthasana is a wonderful exercise to increase your core strength. Since this exercise involves balancing your body on one arm, it strengthens your shoulder and wrist along with the arm. It strengthens your legs and improves your balance. Certainly, it is not an easy-to-do pose, but once you continue it for a really good time, you are sure to thank me later on when you have those beautifully toned legs!

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Add variety to your workout sessions, and they will be super effective. Resistance bands workout are immensely influential in targeting your larger muscles along with stabilising the smaller ones. Pushing your body against the tension of the resistance band will tone your body and get it in the right shape. 

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