Replacing Lost or Damaged Diploma – a Simple Guide

After getting that precious diploma certificate, you thought you would pull all the strings to ensure it is safe and secure. However, time ticks, and you can’t remember where you placed it. Maybe you have relocated multiple times, and you can’t trace the genesis of the loss of your diploma certificate. Perhaps, the certificate might be damaged and is urgently needed by an employer. You are caught in a catch 22 situation that can affect your future. Nevertheless, don’t fret. This guide will tell you what to do to replace your damaged or lost Diploma certificate.

How To Replace Your Diploma Certificate

Contact Your School

Institutions understand the possibility of losing certificates and provide a platform for students/alumni to replace lost or damaged certificates. Often the registrar’s office is tasked with student records, and this is where you can launch a request for replacement of your diploma certificate. You can obtain contact information for your former school on their website or other easy ways to obtain information. Enquire and know the identification documents required to complete a formal request. Often, this process takes time, and you might wait for several months before getting a replacement. Again, you will have to pay a replacement fee to complete the application process.

Contact your School District

Perhaps your school is closed, and there is no functional department to give you a replacement diploma certificate. It is no secret that several schools shut down for different reasons. Several schools indeed shut down to avert the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your school could be among those that shut, and it becomes difficult to get a diploma replacement. If this is the case, contact your school district offices and ask for diploma replacement assistance.

Consider a Temporary Online Diploma Certificate

The rapidly evolving technology is transforming every sector and it is now easier to generate duplicate diploma certificates at your convenience. You don’t have to wait for several months or follow the hectic processes when all you need is a copy of your diploma certificate. People buy diploma certificates from suitable diploma certificate makers while waiting to get the original replacement. The beauty is that you can customize the certificate to meet your needs at an affordable cost. Although it is a temporary option, you save time and temporarily fix the problem that would otherwise prove costly.

Seek Help from your State Department of Education

Your state department of education can be helpful especially if your district cannot help you get a replacement for your diploma. The state department will probably have some ways to collect data from such schools and create an online system to enable people to fill requests and download transcripts or diploma certificates. Visit the department website and check whether they issue diploma replacements.

Wrapping up

Replacing an old or damaged diploma looks like an uphill task. The good thing is that you can replace it and prevent a series of subsequent misfortunes. Even if it is a temporary solution, it will save you time and postpone a problem that could affect your career or work.

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