Top Questions To Ask Yourself When Joining A Gym

Whether you want to lose weight, build strength and endurance, or improve your overall health, you may be thinking of joining a gym. Enrolling at a gym is an effective way to move your fitness journey forward, but it isn’t as easy as popping into the facility and signing some paperwork. If you are looking for a Florence gym, you have some homework to do first. Here are the top questions you should ask yourself before joining a new gym.

Am I healthy enough to exercise?

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Regular exercise is an important part of maintaining your health and can aid in losing weight, improving cardiovascular health, and preventing a host of diseases. But, in some cases, your body might not be ready to take on an intense workout regime. It’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before starting a workout program. This is especially important if you have health concerns such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, or a heart condition. In some cases your doctor will place limitations on the types of exercise you should engage in, and in other cases, you will be advised to start slowly and build on your progress as your body begins to adapt. However, in some cases, your doctor may prefer that you manage your health through diet and medication before jumping into exercise.Find out a gym near your location for starting personal training for comp prep.

What is my motivation?


There are many reasons why you may want to join a gym or start an exercise program. Motivation is both what will drive you to start going to the gym, and what will keep you going when the initial rush wears away. For many people, extrinsic motivation, which focuses on external rewards, is the main driver. Common extrinsic motivators are fitting into a smaller clothing size, defining your abs, or losing weight before an event, such as a wedding. However, intrinsic motivation, which focuses on the action itself rather than the reward, may be more helpful in the long run. People who are intrinsically motivated are more concerned with how good exercise makes them feel, enjoying the endorphin burst from working out and increasing their skills. When obstacles, like busy work schedules and family commitments, threaten your gym time, understanding your motivations will help you stay on track.

Will going to the gym be convenient for me?

A gym might be loaded with features, but if you need to drive across town to get there, you aren’t likely to go. When considering potential gyms, start by completing an online search for “gym near me” to find workout studios near your home or office. Location is not the only piece of finding a convenient gym. You should also consider the days and hours the facility is open to ensure you can work out at a time that suits your schedule.

What type of workout do you prefer?


This question might be difficult to answer if you are at the start of your fitness journey. But understanding what types of exercise work well for you is key to selecting the right gym. Do group classes jazz you up? Or, do you prefer the find your zen on the treadmill? Perhaps you love a fully-stocked weight room. Whatever type of exercise motivates you and gives you the results you want, look for gyms that feature a heavy dose of that type of workout. But, don’t limit yourself. Variety is the key to maintaining your motivation and working your entire body. Switching up your workout has many benefits, such as preventing overuse injuries and breaking through weight-loss plateaus. So, make sure your new gym offers your favorite workouts, but also options to get you moving in new ways.

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