5 Profitable E-Commerce Niches Worth Targeting

If you are looking for an evergreen sector to be in in the next coming years, e-commerce is a great option. Not only are people buying things online more than ever right now, but e-commerce is a very easy field to get into. 

Pretty much anyone with an idea can start an e-commerce business with just a few pounds. You have to get the idea right, however. There is so much competition in this space and choosing a niche that is too competitive will make it hard for you to stand out, especially if you’re on a budget. You still have to pick a niche that has enough interest for you to make consistent sales. Let’s take a look at a few e-commerce niches worth targeting right now.

5 NIches for Profitable E-Commerce

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CBD Products

The market for CBD products in the country has exploded lately. More people know about CBD now and have a clearer understanding of how it’s different from cannabis. All the coverage it has received and the support it has gained from the health community has helped legitimise it and we can expect more people to want to try it.

There are many ways that you can get into the CBD business. You can go the hard route and create your products from raw source material or extracts, or go for a white-label manufacturer. You could work with a white label CBD manufacturer like JN Wholesale Limited, for instance, and have them put your brand on their pre-formulated products. You could also work with them to develop your own products and put your name on them. They make everything from CBD personal care products, to CBD oils, and CBD food products.

What’s great about working with a white label manufacturer is that you don’t have to worry about abiding by regulations. You also won’t have to do the painstaking work of cataloguing every ingredient in your products, and won’t even need to carry inventory. 


Everyone needs to eat and drink, and while getting grocery goods online was something a lot of people were still reluctant to do before COVID, the pandemic has pushed many people to buy everything from toothpaste to toilet paper online. One report by Wix found that sales of essentials across their sites grew by a whopping 605% during the pandemic. This could be a very profitable niche to get in, but it doesn’t have the lowest barrier to entry. 

Garden and Home Furniture

People have been paying more attention to the spaces they live in. This is why there has been a major spike in the sale of garden items and home furniture. We also saw an increase in the sale of desks and chairs. This can be largely attributed to the growing number of people who now have to work from home.

One of the best ways to get into this sector would be through dropshipping. You could decide to sell a variety of items, or focus on one item only. You can also try starting an Amazon store if you want to sell your creations.

Home Fitness

Home fitness is another e-commerce niche that exploded during the pandemic. Not only were gyms across the country forced to suspend their operations, but more people started to pay attention to their health. As a result, more people have started buying fitness equipment so they can exercise at home. Many people have said that they have no intention of going back to commercial gyms either, so that should be a trend that will continue to gain traction over the next few years. 

The beauty of the home fitness niche is how vast it is. You could sell gym equipment, start an affiliate site, or even create your own product. You could sell your own derived products as well. You could sell everything from motivational shirts, to gym bags, or your own line of fitness apparel. This is a niche where you can specialise and find tons of underserved sub-niches.

Pet Care

People have also been closer to their pets during the pandemic since they had a chance to spend more time with them. This is why the sale of things like pet food, toys, and beds saw a significant increase lately. Wix said that sales of pet products on their platform increased by 327%. Pet care is another sector with lots of variety and there are many ways that you can carve a space for yourself. One of the simplest is to find one innovative or interesting product and a reliable supplier. You could then start a single product online store or sell your product through Amazon.

These are all great e-commerce niches that you could choose from. They all have great growth potential and have been proven, so look into them in detail and see which of them interest you the most.

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